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LIMRA Data Exchange (LDEx) Standards

Making the process faster with standards. The LIMRA Data Exchange (LDEx) Standards are for insurance carriers and benefits administration technology companies looking to reduce errors, improve customer experience, and increase speed to market.

LDEx Overview

Learn more detailed information about the standards and future plans.

Data Exchange Standards Committee

Committees are a great way to engage in our business and help drive initiatives going forward that are important to our members

Standards Download

Download the LDEx Standards.

LIMRA Establishes Data Exchange Standards for Non-Medical Workplace Benefits

LIMRA today released the first set of data exchange standards focused on post-enrollment data for the employee benefits market.

Standards Documentation

Answer your implementation questions.

LIMRA Further Enhances Its Data Exchange Standards to Include Leave Management and Employee Assistance Programs

LIMRA today expanded its data exchange standards to allow benefits administration technology companies and insurance carriers to manage eligibility for paid family medical leave and employee assistance programs.

2020 Enrollment Technology Strategy Seminar to Debut LIMRA Data Exchange Standards Introduced in Late January

LIMRA announced today that it will unveil the LIMRA Data Exchange Standards (LDEx) Workplace Benefits Enrollment 1.0 at the 2020 Enrollment Technology Strategy Seminar. The event will take place on Feb. 4-5 in New Orleans, Louisiana.