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Today's Solutions for Today's Learners

Engaging today's learners with blended learning techniques including classroom training with modules for mobile and social learning. Platform features include:

  • Flipped classroom
  • Bite-sized content
  • Just-in-time 
  • Experiential learning

Our new LIMRA Digital Learning Academy is affordable and agile with high impact microlearning content that is designed to meet specific outcomes and drive behavioral change to meet your business needs.

This new platform was designed to be:

Learner-centric — Microlearning nuggets appeal to learners giving them more control in defining a personalized and flexible learning path. Different formats are used to create the content to match individual learning styles.

Just-in-time — As one of the biggest benefits to learners, content is available right when they need it.

Accessible — Our micolearning is designed for multi-device delivery (desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones), thereby providing higher flexibility.

Rich media — The design formats of microlearning include rich media formats that lead to better retention of knowledge.

Less time consuming — Microlearning is ideal for adult learners with a shorter attention span and appeals to Millennial learners.