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Develop Key Sales Skills

A sales management development program constructed around proven best practices which covers the new essentials of recruiting, selection, training, and performance management.

Course OutlineEssentials of Agency Management.png

Module 1 Recruiting (12 modules)

Module 1.1 The Importance of Recruiting

Module 1.2 The Recruiting and Selection Process

Module 1.3 Sourcing

Module 1.4 Developing Your Candidate Profile

Module 1.5 Beginning Your Search – Where to Find Candidates

Module 1.6 Recruiting Through Personal Contacts

Module 1.7 Prospective Recruits Within Close Reach

Module 1.8 The Internet as a Recruiting Source

Module 1.9 Using Social Media as a Recruiting Tool

Module 1.10 Making Contact With Candidates

Module 1.11 Presenting the Career

Module 1.12 Sample Approach for Personal Contact and Answering Objections


Module 2 Selection (12 modules)

Module 2.1 Four Important Conditions for Effective Selection

Module 2.2 The Selection Process

Module 2.3 The Initial Interview and Selection Screening

Module 2.4 Fact-Finding Interview

Module 2.5 Career Orientation

Module 2.6 Confidential Reference Interviews

Module 2.7 Other Information

Module 2.8 Final Evaluation

Module 2.9 Making an Effective Career Presentation

Module 2.10 Selection Interviewing

Module 2.11 How to Conduct an Effective Selection Interview

Module 2.12 A Commitment to Excellence


Module 3 Training (12 modules)

Module 3.1 Training for Results

Module 3.2 The KASH Formula

Module 3.3 Training’s Three Rs

Module 3.4 Identifying Training Needs – Prospecting

Module 3.5 Identifying Training Needs – Pre-Approach, Approach, and Fact Finding

Module 3.6 Identifying Training Needs – Design a Solution, Present the Solution, and Close

Module 3.7 Identifying Training Needs – Follow Through, Deliver the Policy, and Provide Service

Module 3.8 Setting Learning Objectives

Module 3.9 Using PESOS – A Complete Training Process (Part 1)

Module 3.10 Using PESOS – A Complete Training Process (Part 2)

Module 3.11 Using Skill Practice to Build Good Habits

Module 3.12 Using Joint Fieldwork to Train


Module 4 Performance Management (12 modules)

Module 4.1 “Can’t” vs. “Won’t”

Module 4.2 Three Steps of Supervision

Module 4.3 Setting Performance Standards

Module 4.4 Setting Goals

Module 4.5 Identifying and Studying the Agent’s Performance – Records

Module 4.6 Identifying and Studying the Agent’s Performance – Personal Interviews

Module 4.7 Identifying and Studying the Agent’s Performance – Observation

Module 4.8 Determining and Recommending Corrective Action

Module 4.9 The Coaching Model

Module 4.10 The Coaching Process – 1:1 Meeting

Module 4.11 1:1 Meeting Agenda – Open and Explore

Module 4.12 1:1 Meeting Agenda – Present, Resolve, and Create an Action Plan

Essentials of Agency Management is currently available in English and Thai.