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Get Your New Sales Agents Up and Running

Designed to provide an overview of the essential skills necessary to be a successful financial advisor, many of the modules include a demonstration of the skill or a role-play between and advisor and a prospective client.

Course Outline

Module 4: Human Life Value
Module 6: The Decision-Making Process
Module 10: Create a Prospecting System
Module 11: Asking for Referred Leads
Module 15: Successful Prospecting
Module 19: Handling Objections
Module 20: The Approach
Module 21: Gathering Information (Fact-Finding)
Module 22: Gathering Information
Module 23: Motivational Questions
Module 24: Observing Motivational Clues
Module 25: The Discovery Agreement
Module 27: Designing the Solution
Module 30: Adapting Your Style
Module 32: Appeal to the Prospect’s Motives
Module 33: The Close (Solution Interview)
Module 35: Closing Techniques
Module 46: Benefit Statements
Module 47: Benefit Statement for Protection – Survivor Income
Module 48: Benefit Statement for Protection – Spouse Income
Module 51: Benefit Statement for Education – Protection
Module 52: Benefit Statement for Education – Accumulation
Module 53: Benefit Statement for Retirement – Accumulation
Module 54: Benefit Statement for Retirement – Protection

Essential Sales Skills is currently available in English and Thai.