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A demonstration of the basic concept of life insurance including the generic life insurance products, the role of riders and typical riders sold, and insurance company considerations.


Course Outline

Module 1: Factors Affecting Life Expectancy and the History of Insurance

Module 2: Types of Risk and Difference Between Insurance and Assurance

Module 3: Basic Strategies for Handling Risks

Module 4: Insurable Interest

Module 5: Customer Consideration and Types of Customers

Module 6: Protection Necessary for Different Customers

Module 7: Generic Protection Products

Module 8: Level Term Assurance

Module 9: Decreasing Term Assurance

Module 10: Increasing Term Assurance

Module 11: Renewable Term Assurance

Module 12: Convertible Term Assurance

Module 13: Family Income Benefit

Module 14: The Whole of Life Plan

Module 15: Endowment Policies & Non-Profit Endowment Plan

Module 16: With-Profit Endowment Plan

Module 17: Low-Cost Endowment

Module 18: Investment Linked Endowment

Module 19: Rider Benefits

Module 20: Company Consideration

Module 21: Exposure of Risk to the Company

Module 22: Charges Applied by Insurance Companies

Module 23: Persistency

Module 24: Effectiveness of Sales

Available in English and Thai.