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Take Your Business to the Next Level

Solving today’s business challenges and gaining a competitive advantage depends on your leaders. You need to continually prepare today’s leaders and future leaders to make the right strategic decisions and contribute to your bottom-line results. It is an investment in the success of your organization. LIMRA can help. Our executive programs provide a global perspective with a focus on industry best practices and real-world issues.


Regional Officers School (ROS)

Helps your new executives develop the skills required and receive tools they need to lead and grow their agency managers.

Effective Management Skills (EMS)

Helps your rising executives gain management skills for leading their teams from simple coordination to high-functioning collaboration.

Strategic Leadership (SL)

Helps your senior executives develop executive leadership skills to plan beyond sales development and build their territories for the future.

LIMRA Leadership Institute™

Engage new thinking, new skills, and new capabilities for today's leaders.