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In today’s highly-competitive, tightly-regulated, and ever-changing financial services
industry, you need a team of talented executives to drive consistent, profitable growth. Their agency operational skills, people- and performance-management skills, and leadership skills are all crucial to success. LIMRA's international executive designations help your executives excel as they advance in their career.

Designations for Executives

Earn the Associate Insurance Agency Executive (AIAE) Designation

LIMRA created the Associate Insurance Agency Executive (AIAE) designation to equip new agency executives with fundamental and operational knowledge of sales management. Participants learn the requirements of the field manager position and how to support them successfully.

Executives, who over the course of two years, complete two courses to demonstrate proficiency: Fast Track to Management and Pacesetter or Regional Officers School (ROS) will earn the AIAE designation. By earning the prestigious AIAE designation, agency executives can enhance their knowledge, improve their performance, and demonstrate their professional commitment to ongoing skills development.

Earn the Chartered Insurance Agency Executive (CIAE) Designation

LIMRA's global executive training meets the specific, varied, and progressively complex needs of the many people who execute management tasks. Earning the CIAE designation ensures that managers and executives master appropriate skills for their job.

The executives who successfully complete all three workshops (Pacesetter or Regional Officers SchoolEffective Management Skills, and Strategic Leadership) and a final paper/thesis earn the CIAE designation, a diploma suitable for framing, a pin signifying the achievement, and an electronic copy of the CIAE logo to add to business cards. CIAEs are also entitled to display the designation letters in all communications, including business cards and stationery. LIMRA created the CIAE designation to provide a track for professional development, benchmark excellence, and recognize agency executives who make a personal commitment to their career.

Earn the LIMRA Leadership Institute Fellow (LLIF) Designation

The LIMRA Leadership Institute Fellow (LLIF) designation is an internationally recognized credential of executive development. Earning the LLIF designation demonstrates a commitment to professional development and the desire to be an impactful leader. The 20-credit coursework involves attending interactive classroom-based programs, participating in self-assessment activities, and engaging in business simulations and real-world case studies.

The Capstone at Wharton
Toward the completion of the LLIF designation, participants are eligible to participate in the invitation-only Capstone Program. Designed by LIMRA and the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, it is a prestigious honor to complete the LLIF designation under the guidance and expertise of world-class faculty at this prominent business school. The Capstone Program weaves the coursework together and frames the teachings in a real-world context through experiential and practical application.