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Building Important Skills

New agency executives develop the skills and tools they need to:

  • Lead their agency managers
  • Manage operations
  • Conduct effective field office visits
  • Identify agency manager development needs
  • Solve problems and create action plans for improvement

Leading a group of field managers to deliver results is a key role that links the home office objectives to field results. The Regional Officers School (ROS) prepares an agency manager for this complex role with particular emphasis on developing leadership and other organizational skills. Highlights of the skill-building activities include:

  • Salesforce and Production Planning — Analyzing past agency performance to plan for future success
  • Creating Action Plans for Improvement — Formulating objectives and developing plans to accomplish them
  • Building an Effective Agency Operations Team — Gaining deeper agency distribution skills such as recruiting, selection, training, and performance management
  • Field Visits and Coaching — Receiving a variety of tools for making effective field office visits
  • Change Management — Learning how to lead change by reviewing core research findings and how to help people accept and adapt to changes

Available in English, Bahasa Indonesia, Simpified Chinese, Thai, Traditional Chinese and Vietnamese.

Executives who successfully complete Regional Officers School, Effective Management SkillsStrategic Leadership, and a final paper/thesis earn the Chartered Insurance Agency Executive (CIAE) designation.