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Develop Executive Leadership Skills

Your direct reports will develop executive leadership skills to plan beyond sales development and build for the future. Participants will:

  • Develop, implement, and manage strategic plans for their territories
  • Plan for immediate opportunities and long-range growth
  • Conduct a market and business analysis, including evaluating territory potential and resources, and analyzing competitors and their positioning

Highlights of the skill-building activities include:

  • Working With Other Executives — How to conduct a stakeholder analysis to develop insight into their concerns and priorities
  • Long-Range Competitive Analysis — Examine competitive pressures and disruptions for the immediate and long-term financial services environment in their territories
  • Recognizing Opportunities — Identify attractive and viable opportunities based on the organization’s capabilities, strengths, competitiveness, and resources.
  • Territory Evaluation — Develop plans for their territories that reflect the corporate strategy and potential market changes
  • Building for the Future — Flesh out operational changes, staff development needs, and other variables to optimize territory performance

Available in English.

Executives who successfully complete Regional Officers SchoolEffective Management Skills, Strategic Leadership, and a final paper/thesis earn the Chartered Insurance Agency Executive (CIAE) designation.