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Grow Agency and Bancassurance Sales With Style

There is more to selling that you think. For sales managers and sales professionals, knowing their selling style can affect the way they do business. Managers who know theirs as well as their producers' sales styles can provide insight into strengths, improvement areas, and how to grow and adapt by trying other styles outside their wheelhouse.

The Personality Styles Seminar Series™ is your key to agency and sales growth. Managers learn the importance of selling style and how they can use their understanding of it to recruit and select the right talent, develop agents, and increase agency and agents' persistency and profitability. 

Availability: Currently available in English

Part A: Agency Growth With Style

Recruiting and Selecting the Right Talent

By the end of this program the participant will understand:

  • Why the focus is on behavior and how this will ultimately help to grow your agency
  • The interpersonal dynamics of personality styles
  • How to interpret the PSP Candidate Report
  • How to recruit and select with the PSP Candidate Report

Part B: Business Growth With Style

Improving Retention and Development of Agents

By the end of this program the participant will understand:

  • Style interaction and the effect of tension on style behavior
  • How to manage styles effectively for increased production
  • What motivates the different styles and how to maximize this for performance
  • How to use the coaching model with the different styles for growth and development
  • How to plan for and conduct training with the different styles
  • How to performance manage the different styles effectively

Part C: Client Relationship Management With Style

Increase Persistency and Profitability

By the end of this program the participant will understand:

  • The Personality Styles origins and application
  • The feedback on their own style
  • Impact of their style on customers
  • Effect of tension in the sales environment on style
  • Flexibility and how to use it effectively to reduce tension
  • Dynamics of shifting to sell to the different styles
  • Practice-building and customer for life concepts