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Helping to Make Bancassurance Successful at All Levels

The success of bancassurance initially springs from unlocking the distribution potential of bank branches. It comes from the realization that two very distinct activities are involved in the sale of a insurance policy. One is the initial identification of potential clients. The second is actually sitting down in front of the client and completing the sale. Do you have best practices training to support these two activities to improve performance?

Part 4: Bancassurance Selling

By the end of this program the participant will understand:

  • What products are to be sold through their bank
  • How to identify potential customers for the products sold
  • How to approach potential customers
  • How to establish customer needs
  • How to present their products to satisfy the identified needs of the customer
  • How to deal with customer questions, objections, and requests for information
  • How to close the sale
  • How to ask for referrals
  • The importance of compliance requirements involved in selling to bank customers
  • How new business is processed, underwritten, and issued
  • How to develop long-term relationships with the customer

Part 5: Lead Management

By the end of this program the participant will understand:

  • Why bancassurance is appropriate for the bank and how it works
  • How bancassurance would form part of the bank's objectives
  • Their role and required behaviors to be an effective lead generator
  • The overall requirements and importance of a sales process to help generate leads
  • The key products sold and their features and benefits
  • The 4-stage sales process to establish leads

Available in English and Vietnamese.