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LIMRA's trainer programs help participants develop the skills needed to perform in today’s active-learning virtual and in-person classroom environments. It ensures that individuals master the appropriate facilitator, coaching, and training skills for their roles.


2020 LIMRA Annual Conference

The LIMRA Annual Conference is one of the largest gatherings of senior executives representing diverse sectors of the financial services industry.

Financial Strategies

Gain a thorough understanding of finance-based decision making by exploring the many ways life insurance companies make money and the implications of each.

Firm Foundations: Talent Acquisition- Recruiting in the 21st Century – September 2020

Firm Foundations-Talent Acquisition: Recruiting in the 21st century, is designed for managers, recruiters and those with the responsibility for recruiting and selection in their organization specifically in the financial services industry.

2020 Group & Worksite Benefits Conference

Gain fresh ideas and insights to successfully address short-and long-term changes in the U.S.

2020 Latin American Conference - Insurance Days: Sales Training Day

This program is designed for agents, brokers, and executives with responsibility for sales and/or the commercial area, including those responsible for productivity, training and development of commercial teams.