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Moving Beyond Facilitator to Coach

This workshop establishes the difference between a guru and a coach. Participants will learn coaching techniques to help learners at each stage of their development. The attendees will have opportunity to practice and refine their skills while simultaneously being coached on specific activities in which they want to develop their abilities.

Being a good coach requires more than industry knowledge. That's why the Coaching Skills Workshop focuses on crucial skills for succeeding in today's marketplace. Course participants learn and apply best practices on these three topics:

  • Fundamental principles of coaching
  • The skills and process of coaching
  • Implementation practice

Participants who complete this course are able to:

  • Demonstrate the role and skillsets of a coach and the five component activities of coaching
  • Know when to coach and when to give feedback only
  • Understand the learning curve and how to create flexibility in style of coaching
  • Create a growth mindset environment and how the coach influences outcomes
  • Evaluate the results of coaching
  • Implement coaching and how to adapt coaching styles

Participants who complete all three levels of development, Life Insurance Facilitator Skills Workshop, Coaching Skills Workshop, and Master Trainer Workshop, are eligible to receive the LIMRA Master Trainer designation.