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Deliver With Impact

This workshop is aimed at exploring and understanding how face-to-face training sessions are structured and how to deliver them with impact. We identify differences between lecturing and facilitating and how the trainer gives direction to the processes of learning. This is a highly interactive event with students practicing and receiving feedback after having delivered a training session of their own.

Being a good trainer requires more than industry knowledge. That's why the Life Insurance Facilitator Skills Workshop focuses on crucial training skills for succeeding in today's marketplace. Course participants learn and apply best practices on these three topics:

  • Fundamental principles of structuring instructor-led training
  • The skills of training groups of people
  • Implementation practice

Participants who complete this course are able to:

  • Understand different learning styles and why you engage with learners in different ways
  • Use the PESOS process when planning training
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of training
  • Understand 7 key behaviors of delivering successful instructor-led training – and practice how to apply the model
  • Implement a set of activities back at work to help them apply the learning from this workshop and  prepare for the coaching workshop.
  • Implement skill drills and skills practice with groups of learners
  • Deliver a training session of their own and implement learner activities
  • Demonstrate key communication skills the trainer uses and how messages are perceived by learners
  • Understand the learning curve and identify appropriate training styles for different situations
  • Receive and give feedback using the facilitator skills model

Available in English.