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Focus Your Trainers Toward the Future

The training world has seen many changes, particularly in the last few years. The ability to share and develop knowledge remotely has increased the use of online learning. Realization that a blended learning journey needs the support of instructor-led training to help develop learners’ skills and apply knowledge has increased. This means that there is a need to focus on the development of facilitation skills for trainers.

The face-to-face trainer needs to understand how people learn, how to relate online and on-job learning to practical skills and implementation. They must engage learners in a compelling way so that both their confidence and competence grows.

The role of the trainer is to be a catalyst to challenge, prompt, and support learners as they progress along their learning journey. This curriculum is designed to build the facilitation skills of trainers so they can work with individuals and groups of learners to help them take control of their own learning. 

There are three levels of development to the LIMRA Master Trainer designation: