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Moving to the Master Trainer Level

During the Master Trainer Workshop participants will identify key moments where learning can be accelerated by analyzing risk and choosing appropriate training interventions to guide learning. Graduates will be able to run interactive and challenging events using a variety of tools to promote highly practical learning that translates to the workplace immediately.

LIMRA's Master Trainer Workshop focuses on crucial skills for succeeding in today's marketplace. Course participants learn and apply best practices on these three topics:

  • Review of progress and training room dynamics
  • Increasing the trainer's skills toolbox
  • Implementation practice

Participants who complete this course are able to:

  • Review and share examples of coaching and training session "breakthroughs"
  • Manage interactive learning sessions, the benefits, and the challenges
  • Manage training dynamics and difficult learners
  • Dare to be different and understand how exercises and involvement build engagement and empowerment
  • Use case studies and digital resources
  • Use blended learning journeys and the roles of coaching and instructor-led training to enhance the process
  • Identify how to increase learner centered activities within their own company

Participants who complete all three levels of development, Life Insurance Facilitator Skills Workshop, Coaching Skills Workshop, and LIMRA Master Trainer Workshop are eligible to receive the LIMRA Master Trainer designation.