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Did you know that account takeover attacks have more than doubled over the past two years?

Fraudsters are more sophisticated, better organized, and have a greater impact on the financial services industry than ever before. Individual life, individual annuities, and retirement plans are under attack.

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The Neighborhood Fraud Watch for Financial Services

    Defend against new account takeover sources and schemes

  • FraudShare helps you monitor and better understand new fraud challenges to your company and the industry. Fraudulent attacks at one company are quickly assessed and reported to others in the FraudShare network. The “fingerprints” that fraudsters leave behind are documented in a secure FraudShare database.

    Protect your customers and brand

  • FraudShare is based on the principle that we are stronger working together to protect our customers. Contact us today to earn more about this secure, convenient, centralized, and timely early-warning system — and how to join a community of fraud fighters.

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Join the neighborhood fraud watch for financial services. Schedule a demo today to experience the new account takeover alert utility for the insurance and retirement industry.

Why FraudShare?


Learn about the industry hackathon that initiated development.

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Russ Anderson

Fraud Program and Technology Manager

Work Phone: 860-298-3815

Paul Henry

Managing Director, Retirement Clients and Products

Work Phone: (860) 285-7878