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DOL Fiduciary Rule

Fiduciary Education for Sales & Service Professionals

Independently certifies and protects

When the DOL released the fiduciary rules, the LIMRA LOMA Secure Retirement Institute Board immediately initiated the development of this program.

A working group representing more than 40 firms agreed that the program should help all customer-facing professionals understand the new rule and its impact — whether they are in fiduciary or non-fiduciary roles. Together, we developed a program that:

  • Is built to an industry standard and delivered by an independent third party
  • Certifies course completion — demonstrating to regulators, and potentially judges and jurors, your firm’s intent to comply with the rules
  • Provides an additional layer of protection to your in-house program

Members also asked us to build on the best features of our popular AML Training Program to:

  • Provide role-specific, scenario-based courses pinpointing the boundaries of client conversations — for registered reps, insurance agents, contact center reps, wholesalers, and more
  • Deliver it on the same convenient platform already used by more than 100 firms throughout the industry
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The curriculum features:

Core course for all customer-interacting professionals

  • Fiduciary Advice & Impartial Conduct Standards

Courses for fiduciary roles

  • Applying the Rules – Sales Professionals Using the BICE for Level-Fee Compensation
  • Applying the Rules – Sales Professionals Using PTE 84-24 

Courses for non-fiduciary roles

  • Applying the Rules – Insurance Representatives
  • Applying the Rules – Contact center representatives
  • Applying the Rules – Wholesalers

An annual refresher course that addresses any rule changes or decisions impacting customer-facing professionals.

Fiduciary Education for Sales & Service Professionals™ is a trademark of LL Global Services, Inc.

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Fiduciary Education for Sales and Service Professionals

Fiduciary Education for Sales and Service Pros

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    Feedback About Fiduciary Educationfor Sales & Service Professionals

    Feedback About Fiduciary Education for Sales & Service Professionals

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