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2017 Life Insurance Conference of China

Global Perspectives on Life Insurance Innovation and Financial Reforms

October 31, 2017 – November 1, 2017
China World Summit Wing, Beijing, China

    Chief Operating Officer
    LIMRA, LOMA and LL Global, Inc.

    Birchall joined LL Global as chief operating officer in 2017.  In this role, she is responsible for LIMRA’s and LOMA’s legal and accounting departments, Information Technology, Marketing, Talent Solutions, and Member Relations. Birchall also is charged with working across the organization to help implement many of the ongoing entity-wide projects to improve efficiencies and processes.

    Since 1998, Birchall held various positions at Guardian Life Insurance Co.  Most recently, she was Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, leading initiatives across the enterprise to advance its business goals.

    Birchall holds a Bachelor of Arts from Mount Holyoke College and a Juris Doctor from the Western New England University School of Law, both in Massachusetts, as well as CLU and LLIF designations.

  • ZHOU Yanli

    Former Vice Chairman, China Insurance Regulatory Commission


  • ZHANG Ke, Ph.D.

    Director and General Manager
    Tai Ping Life Insurance Company Ltd.
    Mr. Zhang started his career with Ping An Insurance Company back in 1993, working as assistant to General Manager of Sichuan Branch. He eventually took on the role of Deputy General Manager of Chongqing Branch with Ping An before moving to be General Manager of Taiping Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Sichuan Branch in 2001. In 2007 he was promoted to a Deputy General Manager of Taiping Life Insurance Limited, and then in 2012 he was appointed to his current position as Director and General Manager of Taiping Life. Mr. Zhang graduated from Sichuan University with a Ph.D. in Economics and is a Senior Financial Manager. He was the Chairman of the First China Insurance Marketing Management Forum in 2015, and Chairman of the Organizing Committee of LIMRA-LOMA Greater China Life Insurance Conference in 2015.
  • Ian J. Watts

    Senior Vice President and Managing Director, International Operations
    LIMRA and LOMA
    Ian Watts leads the LIMRA and LOMA operations that help member companies in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East achieve their business objectives. Prior to joining LIMRA and LOMA in 2013, he was Global COO at ACE Life International, where he was responsible for their day-to-day operations and new business development. He has held CEO positions in India and China for AIG and AIA, and has extensive global experience in the UK, EMEA and Latin America.
  • NING Shoubo

    Sunshine Life Ins. Co., Ltd.
    Ning Shoubo, graduated from Beijing University, holds degree of Master of Business Administration and senior economist. He has experience in insurance industry for many years. He worked for Ping An and US Metlife before he Joined Sunshine Life in 2007. In nearly 25 years he worked for property and life insurance, national and foreign companies, lead provincial branch of big insurance group and was senior executive of foreign insurer. He was a key member of the founding team of Sunshine Life, a nationwide life insurance company and has been growing with it. With strategic vision, he established health insurance and pension section and lead the team to explore the new model of "medical + insurance" and "health + care". He became the helmsman of Sunshine Life with the goal of building Sunshine Life into a respectable life Insurance company, adopting and establishing new models to achieve strategic transformation and leapfrog development.
  • SUN Yuchun

    General Manager
    China United Life Insurance Limited
    Mr. Sun Yuchun, is currently the General Manager of China United Life Insurance Limited. He used to work as President Assistant in the New China Life Insurance Company Limited for 20 years, and he was in charge of strategic planning, product development, e-commerce and etc. He also took the position of the going-public work team leader. Mr. Sun held the doctoral degree on Finance from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law.
  • YIN Xiaosong

    Board Director and General Manager
    Ergo China Life Insurance
    Jason Yin, born in 1969, was admitted to University of Science & Technology China in 1987, majoring in System Science &Management Science. In 1989 Jason went to the University of Macquarie in Australia for Actuary Studies and acquired certificate of British Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. He is founding member of China Association of Actuaries. More than 2 decades in the industry, Jason has been vice GM of Huatai Insurance Group and GM of Huatai Life Insurance. He has also played vital roles in several world renowned insurance brands, GM of AIA Foshan, Shenzhen and Shanghai, senior management member of AXA, John Hancock etc. With rich personal experiences, comprehensive management skills, a compound background of international & domestic, actuary & marketing, sales site & HQ, professional manager & entrepreneur, Jason marched with success. In 2010, he was awarded “Best Foreign Manager of the Year” in Chinese insurance industry. In 2016, he was awarded “Pioneer of Chinese Insurance Industry 2015” in the 13th China's Financial Annual Champion Awards.
  • Li Zongjian, Ph.D.

    Vice President
    New China Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • ZHAO Ping

    Chief Strategy Officer, Greater China
    LIMRA and LOMA
    A management professional graduate, Ms. Zhao joined LIMRA & LOMA in 2017 as the Chief Strategy Officer for Greater China.  Prior to her current role, she spent more than ten years in different departments at various financial news outlets including the "21st Century Business Herald".  Her time spent as a financial journalist, senior journalist, senior editor, deputy director of financial content, and director, provided her with extensive experience tracking China's financial and insurance industry reforms and development trends, as well as a variety of other in-depth industry news reports. 
  • Binayak DUTTA

    Group Chief Distribution Officer
    FWD Group Management Holdings Limited
    Binayak ensures the optimization of distribution channels for FWD's long-term performance and growth. He has a long history of transforming the distribution performance and creating sales performance success for a number of high profile insurers in Asia. Binayak, from India, started out in banking after graduating with a Bachelor of Economics and Master of Business Management before moving into the insurance industry.
  • MA Xu

    Vice President
    AVIVA-COFCO Life Insurance Company Limited
    Charles Ma received the MBA degree from Université de Poitiers, and France national insurance institute (ENASS). At present he holds the position of vice-president in AVIVA-COFCO and mainly be responsible for branch management, brand and PR and affairs of the president office. He has held a managerial position in Tianjin branch of Ping An Life Insurance, Sunshine Life insurance group, Heng An Standard Life, OLDMUTUAL-GUODIAN. After joining the AVIVA-COFCO in May.2007, he successively worked as general manager of strategic planning, general manager of Beijing branch and director of president office. By using the rich experience of strategic planning, integrated business management and public relations initiatives, he made a great contribution to the development of the company.
  • SUN Chengyue

    Sale Vice President
    Tongdun Technology Co., Ltd
    Majored in the direction of international finance, has served as an important sales manager in IBM and Oracle in the area of Bank, Finance, Cloud Computing and other aspects. He has a deep understanding of the Business Model and Risk Control Process of the Financial Industry, and has a wealth of experience in IT Construction, Big Data, Cloud Business Process Transformation of Insurance, Banking, Funds and other Financial Industry.
  • WU Saimei

    Senior Manager
    Taiping Life Insurance Company Ltd., Shenzhen Branch
  • LI Zhaohui

     Executive Vice President and General Manager, Telemarketing
    Taikang Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

    Former U.S. Insurance Commissioner &   
    Executive Director, Indexed Annuity Leadership Council   
    Jim Poolman Consulting, Inc.
    Jim Poolman was elected twice to serve as North Dakota’s Insurance Commissioner. While Commissioner, Mr. Poolman worked to strengthen laws to protect citizens against insurance fraud. The scope of consumer protection widened by spearheading landmark legislation related to suitability of sales, life settlements amongst a host of others. Mr. Poolman held many leadership posts with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners during his tenure, serving as Chairman of the Life Insurance and Annuities Committee for 2 years and Vice President of the organization in 2004. Before being elected Insurance Commissioner in 2000, Mr. Poolman served four terms in the North Dakota House of Representatives, and was a trust officer for the Bremer Bank system. In 2007, Poolman left his post to start an independent regulatory consulting practice where he advises insurance companies, trade associations and producer clients on regulatory issues. He also serves as Executive Director of the Indexed Annuity Leadership Council, an organization that promotes financial education around the fixed indexed annuity product.

    Wethington International LLC
    Olin Wethington is the Founder and Chairman of Wethington International LLC, an investment and business advisory firm focused on advising institutions on capital investment, financial structure and business strategy in emerging markets, particularly with respect to Asian markets. He currently also advises clients on healthcare regulatory matters in China and on strengthening the delivery of healthcare services, including an initiative under the State Council’s China Development Research Foundation which is developing recommendations regarding the expansion of commercial healthcare insurance in China. Mr. Wethington previously served as Chairman, AIG Companies in China, and has held numerous positions in the U.S. government, including: Special Envoy on China; Counselor to the Secretary of the U.S. Treasury; Assistant Secretary for International Affairs, U.S. Treasury; and Special Assistant to the President and Executive Secretary, Economic Policy Council, White House (under President George H.W. Bush). He is a graduate of Harvard Law School and the University of Pennsylvania, a Member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and a recipient of the Alexander Hamilton Award, the highest honor of the U.S. Department of the Treasury.
  • Dr. Dawn SOO

    Head of Strategy  Health & Wellness, Global Markets
    Cigna International Corporation
    Dawn is a physician who envisions a world where health and technology intersect to deliver better care to every individual. She currently leads global health strategy at Cigna, overseeing all strategic health-related business development opportunities and partnerships in markets outside the US, with a focus on technology and health analytics. Prior to joining Cigna, Dawn was actively involved in digital health startups. She was Chief Wellness Officer at CXA Group, an online employee benefits marketplace that provides personalised insurance and health services to employees in Asia. In 2013, She also co-founded and managed operations at DocDoc, a telehealth and medical appointment scheduling startup headquartered in Singapore. Dawn completed her medical residency at the National University Hospital Singapore and holds a medical degree from Imperial College London and an MBA from INSEAD.

    Corporate Vice President and Director, International Research and Member Engagement
    LIMRA and LOMA
    Larry Hartshorn is responsible for the development and execution of LIMRA’s international research strategy. Under his guidance, the international research unit conducts a wide variety of research to provide insights and trends in distribution, consumer behavior and sentiment, products, retirement, and technology for markets throughout the world. Prior to joining LIMRA in 2015, Larry was Aetna’s executive director for Greater China in Shanghai. His responsibilities included strategic planning, research, management operation and consulting. Larry also previously served as research program manager for The Ohio State University, managing a multi-million dollar cluster of private, state, and federal grants targeting primary, secondary, and higher education curriculum reform.
  • Wing F. WONG

    Based in Taipei, Wing leads Milliman's local offices in Taipei and Beijing. He has been a Milliman consultant for more than 15 years and has led a wide range of projects, including actuarial due diligence, appraisal value, embedded value, enterprise risk management, asset-liability management, product/channel strategies, product development, and financial reporting. His recent product development experience includes pricing one of the first universal life with secondary guarantee products in Hong Kong, and leading teams to develop several of the first variable annuities with guaranteed minimum benefit products in the Taiwan market. He has also led teams in developing asset-liability management models and analysis for clients looking to better understand and manage the business, and to study proper asset allocation to achieve balance among return, risks, and capital. In recent years, Wing has focused on running risk workshops utilizing cognitive mapping techniques, developing risk registers, and applying innovative approaches to sales risks and operational risks, as well as data-driven approaches to emerging risks.
  • LIU Gejie

    Leapstack, Inc.
    Graduated from Tufts University with a Master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He used to work for Telenav Inc. in Silicon Valley, as a senior software engineer. He led the development team on big data recommendation system to provide the LBS modeling support. He returned to China in May, 2016 to found Leapstack, which focuses on healthcare insurance anti-fraud services. Based on big data technologies, AI algorithms and comprehensive system solutions, Leapstack owns the most advanced anti-fraud services for healthcare insurance and long-term care insurance products in China. Currently, Leapstack has provided services for multiple clients, including China Life, PICC, Pingan and etc. With the hands-on experience on big data technologies, anti-fraud services from Silicon Valley, Leapstack is capable of helping the insurance companies with the claim funds control, lowering the claims expense, increasing their services quality, markets competence and markets share.
  • BAO Lichen

    Data Scientist
    RGA Reinsurance Company
    Bao applies predictive modeling technique on insurance applications, helping with more accurate and better decisions and solutions. Bao has 8-year hands-on experience of data analytics and modeling. Prior to joining RGA, he was the senior manager of data analytics of Aegon-THTF, where he applied predictive modeling for target marketing to boost the sales of life insurance products. He was also with Opera Solutions, where he delivered solutions to various applications of credit card industry, including underwriting, cross selling, fraud detection and collection, etc.  Bao obtained his PHD in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Dallas, USA, and a BE in Computer Science and Technology from the University of Science and Technology of China.
  • LIU Yanhua

    The State Council of China
    Professor Liu Yanhua, Counsellor for the State Council of China, former Vice Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology of China, got his Ph.D. from Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in 1991, majoring in Natural Geography. Mr. Liu also served as other duties: President of Chinese Association of Geography, Standing Vice Chairman of Innovation Method Society in China, Standing member of Chinese Association of Sustainable Development, Member of the National Expert Committee on Climate Change in China, and Member of International Risk Governance Council (IRGC). Prof. Liu Yanhua has made distinguished contributions to organizing and carrying out researches in many fields, such as Global Environmental Change, Land Use and Land Cover Change, Disaster Prevention and Reduction, Vulnerable Ecological System, Climate Change, Risk Governance, Sustainable Development and Think Tank research; Prof. Liu published dozens of papers on the domestic and international journals; and Prof. Liu led, designed, organized and participated in a series of projects to promote domestic/ international scientific and technological cooperation research.


Ian J. Watts, LIMRA/LOMA

Ning Shoubo, Sunshine Life Ins. Co., Ltd.
Zhang Ke, Taiping Life Ins. Co., Ltd.
Hu Guoping, Pearl River Life Ins. Co., Ltd.
Huang Min, Minsheng Life Ins. Co., Ltd.
Sun Xiaohong, Aeon Life Ins. Co., Ltd.
Yu Ning, Aviva Cofco Life Ins. Co., Ltd.