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LIMRA Study: Three Quarters of Canadians Prefer to Buy Life Insurance In-Person

WINDSOR, Conn., Oct. 2, 2013 — A recent LIMRA study revealed that 76 percent of Canadians would prefer to buy life insurance face-to-face in the future as opposed to buying from work, the Internet, or by direct mail or phone.

Life Insurance Purchasing Habits Changing As One in Four Consumers Now Prefer to Buy Direct

New LIFE and LIMRA Study Examines Changes in Insurance Planning Attitudes and Behaviors.

Retirement Elusive for Many Canadians

New LIMRA report points to lack of knowledge and planning.

Heard at the 2013 LIMRA-LOMA Social Media for Financial Services Conference

"The quickest way to go out of business is to become romantic about how you are currently making your living. Technology doesn't care about how business is 'supposed to be' done."

Public Relations

May 29, 2019

Public Relations helps companies to promote and protect their brand. PR improves an organization's reputation through a variety of channels, including thought leadership pieces, influencer connections, and networking strategies.