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Bob Kerzner's 2017 LIMRA Annual Conference Speech

Bob Kerzner's 2017 LIMRA Annual Conference Speech

LIMRA, LOMA, and LL Global President and Chief Executive Officer Robert A. Kerzner speaks at the 2017 LIMRA Annual Conference.

Presentation to the U.S. Department of the Treasury

LIMRA CEO Bob Kerzner speaks to the Federal Advisory Committee on Insurance

Presentation to the U.S. Department of the Treasury

Reworking Your Strategy

Inspire Employees to Learn About Benefits

LIMRA EMEA Life Insurance Conference - 2016

LIMRA EMEA Life Insurance Conference - 2016

The 2016 LIMRA EMEA Life Insurance Conference, held in Barcelona, Spain.

Bob Kerzner - 2016 LIMRA Annual Conference

Bob Kerzner's 2016 LIMRA Annual Conference Speech

Robert A. Kerzner, President and CEO LIMRA, LOMA, and LL Global Inc., speaks at the 2016 LIMRA Annual Conference.

Give Them Something to Talk About

The Engaged Candidate: Give Them Something to Talk About

For decades, our industry has approached candidates to make a lot of money and be independent. But LIMRA research tells us that only 1 in 10 of today's candidates say the opportunity to be their own boss is their number one reason for interest in the career.

LIMRA's AnnuityCompass

LIMRA's AnnuityCompass™

AnnuityCompass provides vital information for marketing, sales and distributioncompetitive intelligence, product development, and product management. Find out how to put it to work for you.

Bob Kerzner - 2015 Annual

Bob Kerzner's 2015 LIMRA Annual Conference Speech

Robert A. Kerzner, President and CEO LIMRA, LOMA, and LL Global Inc., speaks at the 2015 LIMRA Annual Conference.


Pacesetter Testimonials

Looking for the perfect present for your new managers?

Recruitment Seminar Testimonials

Gen Y Seminar Series: Recruitment Seminar Testimonials

Do you need to attract and retain more young sales representatives? Using the same old recruiting tactics won’t work. Today’s candidates have grown up in a different world and have different career expectations. 


See How Recruit2Go Works!

Do you need to attract a new generation of recruits? Recruit2Go neatly slots into your company’s strategy for attracting and recruiting Generation Next, and helps you focus on people who deserve attention.

Kerzner - Treasury Advisory Committee - 2015

LIMRA CEO Robert Kerzner presents to the U.S. Department of Treasury Federal Advisory Committee on Insurance (FACI)

LIMRA's LifeCompass


LifeCompass provides vital information for market development, product design, sales and distribution planning, and financial and client management. Find out how to put it to work for you.

Informing the Debate

Informing the Debate

LIMRA has developed a new booklet, Informing the Debate: Facts About Retirement. It is a collection of key research on top retirement myths and risks, consumer sentiment and behavior around retirement income and products.

What Language (Get Real)

Are You Talking to Today's Consumer...

Are You Talking to Today's Consumer... Or are you talking to one from yesterday? You decide.

Holistic Value - 2015

The Best Wholesalers Bring Value To Advisors When They Have The Heart Of A Teacher

Today’s best wholesalers excel by bringing a broader, value-added perspective and developing trusted relationships with advisors.

Trustworthy Selling - Lost art of selling

Trustworthy Selling - A Sales Effectiveness Program with Proven Results

14AC Annual - Kerzner

Bob Kerzner's 2014 LIMRA Annual Conference Speech

LIMRA CEO Robert Kerzner discusses consumer trends and new strategies to engage them at the 2014 LIMRA Annual Conference.

Gen X - Gen Y (2014)

Reaching Gen X and Gen Y

Fast Track Demo - thumb

Fast Track to Management - Demo Video

If your organization needs more agents and more sales, then the Fast Track to ManagementTM training program is an ideal starting point.


Learn more about Fast Track to Management

Are You Looking for More Agents and More Sales?
Jump on the Fast Track for Success!

More information is available at 


LIMRA CEO's 2013 Annual Conference Speech

What can our industry learn from Coke and Disney? Bob Kerzner talks about effectively using big data and predictive analytics in his opening remarks.

Tech_Leaders - Draw Prospects

Technology Leaders Use Blogs to Draw Traffic and Engage Customers

1 in 3 financial services technology leaders use blogs to draw traffic and engage customers. How will you use the web?

Tech_Leaders - Sales Presentation

Financial Professionals and Mobile Technology

Approximately 1/3 of financial professional use tablets. How will you use the new tools of technology?

Tech_Leaders - Saves Time

Technology Leaders use Virtual Tools for Their Business

37% of financial services technology leaders use virtual tools for their business. GoToMeeting, Skype, and are among the most common. How will you make time?

Winning Clients - SM - Orange

All Lasting Business is Built on Friendships

Help your producers connect with clients and prospects online.

Winning Clients - SM - Blue

A Thousand Fibers Connect Us

Today's consumers are online, ready and willing to connect with trustworthy financial sales professionals.


Bob Kerzner Addresses U.S. Treasury’s Federal Insurance Office Advisory Committee

During his remarks to the to the advisory committee of the U.S. Treasury Department’s Federal Insurance Office (FIO), Robert Kerzner, president and CEO of LIMRA, LOMA and LL Global, told committee members that Americans are not necessarily making wise decisions with regard to their financial security.


Learn more about Pacesetter

Pacesetter helps your new managers perform core elements of their job at a higher level than ever.


2013 Distribution Conference - Extreme Makeover

The 2013 Distribution Conference, Orlando, FL.


Armageddon or Opportunity?

LIMRA CEO Bob Kerzner addresses executives at the LIMRA 2012 Annual Conference in Chicago, IL.



Help your clients get Ready-2-Retire and be ready to discuss their planning needs.

Heart of Matter.jpg

Heart of the Matter: Shown at the 2012 Distribution Conference

Extended Version - 10:56 mins
version shown at the 2012 Distribution Conference 

Heart of Matter.jpg

Heart of the Matter

An industry with heart.
An industry with impact.
An industry that matters.

At the heart of it all is YOU.

Tom Burns Thumbnail.jps

Thomas Burns from Allianz Life: Chairperson for the 2012 Annual Conference

Thomas Burns, CLU, ChFC, Chief Distribution Officer, Allianz Life, LL Global Board Member and Chairperson for the 2012 LIMRA Annual Conference took some time from his busy schedule to talk about this year's event.


Unleash Your Potential by Changing the Paradigm

LIMRA CEO Bob Kerzner addresses executives at the LIMRA 2011 Annual Conference.


LIMRA CEO President on The Wealth Channel

LIMRA, LOMA and LL Global, Inc. President and CEO Robert A. Kerzner talks about his organization with host Larry Burton.


Trustworthy Selling

Bridging the widening trust gap between consumers and financial professionals is the focus of this new breakthrough approach to selling: Trustworthy Selling — Changing Perspectives, Transforming Sales.


The Next Generation of Sales Talent

In recent years, “Gen Next” (Gens X & Y) has become more open to a career in the financial services industry. But Gen Next also expects a sales position to include four crucial components. This video explains what they are.


The Innovation of Our Business

This video illustrates how a couple in the year 2015 might initiate the purchasing process, as well as how an agent might use technology and social media for prospecting.


Always in Style

Trusted advisors are always needed and will always be in style.


LIMRA and LOMA, Your Trusted Source for Industry Knowledge

For nearly 100 years, LIMRA and LOMA have been the trusted source for industry knowledge.


Make Results Happen

Experience LIMRA’s new way of training! As the front runner in instructional design, LIMRA has reached new heights.


Turbo Charge Your Performance

LIMRA's Executive Development offers Leadership, Marketing and Finance programs that are relevant and industry-specific. Find out more about our open-enrollment, tailored solutions, and strategic coaching opportunities.


Is There Magic in the Middle Market?

Growing your business can be tricky at times, but LIMRA can help you find a little magic in the middle market. Watch highlights from the report, Is There Magic in the Middle Market?


Teamwork at the Edge

The value of teamwork during periods of adversity, uncertainty, and change.


LIMRA's Facts of Life and Annuities

It’s never too late to teach people the facts of life (insurance) and annuities and the value they bring to Americans and the U.S. economy.


Building a Connection with Gen X and Y

This video is based on LIMRA research, Building Connections with Gen X and Y, and explains some of what we learned about their perceptions as well as ways to reach these consumers.


Canadian Employees Perspectives on Employee Benefits

What are Canadian consumers’ priorities for their benefits packages? LIMRA asked them to identify their choices for additional benefits. Here is what they told us.


Butterflies and Retention - What you Need2Know

Understanding the financial services industry takes time and the learning curve can cause stress and anxiety in the workplace. Alleviate this stress with LOMA’s state-of-the-art online Need 2 Know Courses.


A Bright Future for Life Insurance

48 million Americans feel they need more life insurance.13 million say they will buy it.