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LIMRA 的培训师课程计划能帮助学员培养所需技能,让他们能在当今主动式学习的虚拟课堂以及真实教室环境中提供培训。本课程计划能确保每一位学员都能精通适合其角色的主讲讲师、教练和培训技巧。


2021 Regulatory Compliance and Financial Crimes Conference

2021 Regulatory Compliance and Fraud Crime Conference

2021 Distribution Conference for Financial Services

2020 Distribution Conference for Financial Services

2021 Enrollment Technology Strategy Seminar

Our goal is to connect participants with peers and technology purveyors to learn, network, and share innovative ideas to help identify potential solutions to existing challenges.

2020 LIMRA Virtual Annual Conference

The LIMRA Annual Conference is one of the largest gatherings of senior executives representing diverse sectors of the financial services industry.

2020 Latin American Virtual Conference

The LIMRA and LOMA Latin American Conference has gone virtual! This year we will offer exclusive research insights, tactical best practices, unmatched networking opportunities, and global innovation case studies to help you successfully guide your company, business, and personal career through challenging economic and political times.