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LIMRA 為訓練師設計課程計畫能夠幫助學員培養其所需的技巧,使其能夠在現代主動式學習的網路課堂以及真實教室環境中提供訓練。本課程計畫能確保每一個學員都能精通適合其角色的主講講師、教練和訓練技巧。


2021 Marketing Conference

The content of this year’s conference is aligned to reflect the evolving customer-centric market and the needs of our industry marketers.

2021 Compliance & Financial Crimes Conference

2021 Regulatory Compliance and Fraud Crime Conference

2021 Distribution Conference for Financial Services

2020 Distribution Conference for Financial Services

2021 Enrollment Technology Strategy Seminar

Our goal is to connect participants with peers and technology purveyors to learn, network, and share innovative ideas to help identify potential solutions to existing challenges.

The Future of Work is NOW

Drawing on current and past experience with implementing major cultural and digital transformation projects, Felipe will address the urgency for companies to promote cultural and digital transformations to remain relevant and increase productivity for the new world we are living in today.