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How do I register for a program?

There are several ways to register. To register online, visit the LIMRA Leadership Institute Programs page, click on a specific program, and register from there. You may also call LIMRA Customer Service at 800-235-4672 or 860-285-7789 (outside the U.S. and Canada).

What is the LLIF designation?

For over 30 years, LIMRA has helped groom the next generation of industry leaders through the LLIF program. The LIMRA Leadership Institute Fellow (LLIF) designation is an internationally recognized credential of executive development. Earning the LIMRA Leadership Institute Fellow (LLIF) designation demonstrates a commitment to professional development and the desire to be an impactful leader. Executives who earn the LIMRA Leadership Institute Fellow (LLIF) designation complete a rigorous program of executive level coursework in leadership, marketing and finance skills.

How can I earn the LLIF designation?

You must first earn 14 credits — at least four credits by attending at least one of the residential programs for Financial Strategies, Leadership Strategies, or Marketing Strategies and at least ten additonal by selection from elective programs in business acumen, leadership and marketing. Each LLI program offers one credit per day. You then complete the program by attending the Capstone Program at The Wharton School.

How often is the Capstone at Wharton program offered?

This program is offered every 18 months. Please contact the LLI Team for information on the next scheduled offering.

Do I need to take programs in a specific order?

No. LIMRA’s Leadership Institute offerings are designed to provide you maximum flexibility. You control the sequence of the courses you take.

Do my credits ever expire?

No. The credits you earn from attending our programs never expire.

Do I have to earn the designation within a specific timeframe?

No. Most participants earn the designation within two to three years. However, you can fast-track and earn the designation in as a little as one year.

FAQs About Digital Course Materials

What are digital course materials? 

Digital course materials are electronic files that can be viewed on a laptop or mobile device either online or offline. Our current digital materials include pdfs, Word documents, and Excel files. The file format is determined by its content and intended use.

How will digital materials help my learning experience?

Our goal is to create digital course materials that are equal to or better than printed course materials. Now you will be able to:

  • Quickly find topics, definitions, etc. for further study/focus using the search functionality
  • Tag and highlight content for later review
  • Add electronic sticky notes directly to the materials and quickly reference your notes later
  • Spend more time learning and less time flipping through big notebooks
  • Choose how you prefer to consume the material (on your laptop, tablet, e-reader, or similar device)