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Identify Top Performers

Are you looking for ways to cost-effectively identify people who will thrive in insurance and financial services sales and management? LIMRA can help you:

  • Focus on success factors that matter
  • Quickly evaluate applicant potential
  • Streamline your assessment process to get the right people into the right positions
  • Tailor your recruiting system to meet your needs
Case Studies

What's New

RightChoice System is a new hiring system providing financial services companies the flexibility to create their own tailored assessment journey aligned with their specific roles while providing both candidates and recruiters better experiences.

Screen in Quality Candidates

RightChoice System

An all-new assessment system that is tailored-made to fit your individual recruiting needs.

Career Profile

Shine a light on high-potential sales candidates.

Performance Skills Index­™ With Learning Styles

Identify people who can succeed in a challenging career.

Personality Styles Profile

Recruit and develop people with the “right” selling style.

Productivity Index

Quickly identify productive and reliable job applicants.

Independent Producer Clearinghouse (IPC)

Perform background checks and promote ethical market conduct.