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Put Your Data (And Ours) to Work

Your company’s data can be the key to driving your business forward. Combined with LIMRA’s market knowledge and benchmarks, we can help you

  • Grow your distribution
  • Defend against account takeover attacks
  • Spot problematic sales and protect your company’s hard-earned reputation
  • Turn customer experiences into brand loyalty
  • Boost profitability by understanding and responding to metrics that matter

Competitive Intelligence at Your Fingertips


Identify and target the right underserved markets for your company.


The neighborhood watch for financial services enables companies to defend against account takeover (ATO) schemes with easy, secure, real-time access to incident and threat indicator data with real-time email alerts.


Spot problematic sales and benchmark results against industry standards.

Customer Experience Benchmarking Program for Life Insurance

Optimize customer experience for the uniqueness of life insurance.