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Tap Into a World of Regulatory Experience

LIMRA’s regulatory experts, research, networking opportunities, and educational events can help you make sense of the regulations impacting your firm. Behind the curtain, we provide unmatched contemporary insight to guard your business and provide brand advantages.

Account Takeover Fraud

  • Fraudsters are more sophisticated, better organized, and have a greater impact on the financial services industry than ever before. Life insurance, annuities, and retirement plans are all under attack. LIMRA and LOMA are here to help you with:

    • Fraud research and information
    • Fraud-alert and industry benchmarking utility
    • Fraud prevention education and training

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Recognizing Financial Exploitation

  • As the U.S. population ages, the financial abuse of seniors and vulnerable adults has become an increasingly important issue. To help protect older clients, sales and service professionals must be alert to any signs of potential financial exploitation and respond in an effective and compliant manner.

    RFE is the most recent addition to LIMRA’s Compliance Education Platform.  It provides an overview of financial exploitation, including the regulatory environment, red flags, and steps that sales and service professionals can take to help protect seniors and other vulnerable clients.  RFEclearly explains the new FINRA Rule 2165, Financial Exploitation of Specified Adults, and the NASAA model rule that is being adopted by many states.

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Meet Regulatory Requirements


Clarify today’s confusing fiduciary environment.


Access knowledge, advice, training, and solutions for regulatory compliance.


Access resources for understanding the strategic implications of government actions.