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Simplifying Data Exchange

LIMRA has been working with a large number of workplace benefits insurance companies and benefits administration technology companies to develop an industry wide solution.

The enrollment and administration of non-medical workplace benefits continues to evolve, however, the way data is exchanged has remained stagnant, resulting in laborious and time-consuming initial engagement among parties, widely varying data formats, and erroneous data being exchanged.

LIMRA Data Exchange Standards (LDEx) will change that! Having a common standard will reduce customer onboarding timelines, and reduce ongoing costs to insurance carriers, benefits administration platforms, brokers, and employers.

We envision a standard for data exchange between stakeholders that meets the needs of the rapidly evolving workplace benefits industry that offer:

  • Standard model and terminology
    Common language and business relationships amongst data
  • Key business events and activities
    Business transactions geared towards the Workplace Benefits industry
  • Near real-time integration
    Both SOAP-API and REST-API, while also supporting traditional structured file

In meeting these fundamental goals, LIMRA Data Exchange (LDEx) Standards provide a standardized means for carriers to engage with benefit administrators that is expected to streamline implementation among all stakeholders.

LIMRA Data Exchange Standards 1.0

Products in Scope

  • Dental
  • STD
  • Vision
  • LTD
  • Life
  • Critical Illness
  • AD&D
  • Hospital Indemnity
  • Accident
  • Cancer


Business Events in-scope:

Benefits Administrator (Administration Platform) to Carrier

  • Coverage Election — The elections into benefits for which the employee or insured is eligible.
  • Coverage Change — The changes to existing coverages previously elected and that are still in-force.
  • Coverage Termination — The terminations to coverages previously elected 
  • Non-Coverage Demographic Change — The changes independent of a coverage or election change, typically triggered by HR or payroll system updates. 


Carrier to Benefits Administrator (Administration Platform)

  • Evidence of Insurability Decision — The underwriting decisions related to evidence of insurability performed by the carrier and communicated back to the benefits administrator (administration platfoform).
  • Error Report — After processing the file that has errors, the carrier sends an acknowledgement to the benefit administrator noting the errors encountered during processing.


Become a Part of LIMRA Data Exchange Standards

For more information or if you wish to become an active contributor to the LDEx standards contact:

InAh Chambers

Director, Member Relations and Sales - Workplace Benefits

Work Phone: (860) 298-3943