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Annuity Research

Access the information and key benchmarks you need to grow your business. You will find actionable information on these products and more:

  • Developing and pricing products
  • Today’s changing consumers
  • Employer and employee perspectives and actions
  • Effective sales, sales processing, and service practices
  • Unbiased benchmarks

Featured Annuity Research

Latest Annuity Research

Annuity Product Selection Redux

Find out which deferred annuity products are favored by investors, and whether these preferences have shifted since 2021.

A Future View of U.S. Annuity Sales - Moving Forward With Momentum - U.S. Individual Annuity Market Forecast 2023–2027

This annual update of the U.S. Individual Annuity Forecast explores the future of individual annuity market — what is expected to happen with sales — and provides our members with a strategic starting point to plan and optimize their business strategies for the future.

A Deeper Dive: 2021 Income Annuity Market

Take a deeper dive into income annuities which offer the most efficient income streams with the use of mortality credits for guaranteed lifetime income.

Deferred Annuity Buyers and Non-Buyers

Learn investor attitudes, relationships with advisors, and feelings about the deferred annuity purchase process.

A Deeper Dive: Annuity Sales Series

Take a deeper dive into which features were selected with annuity products in 2021.

The Facts of Life and Annuities: 2022 Update

This compilation of key facts from LIMRA and other sources can be used to educate people about the value of life insurance and annuities.

Annuity Benchmark Studies

U.S. Individual Annuity Market

May 11, 2023

Benchmark sales, persistency, analysis, and outlook for a range of annuity products, reported by distribution channels and market types.

Canadian Individual Annuities

Mar 14, 2023

Benchmark sales for a range of fixed and segregated fund contracts; by distribution system and province.

Group Annuity Risk Transfer

May 22, 2023

Understand the trends from the quarterly sales, asset, and contract data in the group annuity risk transfer market.

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Discover how our Compass programs put the power of big data in your hands to identify new market opportunities, analyze product trends and track campaign effectiveness.

Looking Ahead: U.S. Individual Annuity Market Forecast 2023-2027

With annuity sales hitting record highs in 2022, what do sales forecasts look like for the next few years?

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See which annuity products have the greatest appeal and why.

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