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LL Global 總裁

David Levenson, DBA, FSA, CFA

David Levenson 是 LIMRA、LOMA 及 LL Global 的總裁暨執行長。他的職責是領導全球規模最大的壽險與金融服務公司的專業協會,其會員公司包括全球 64 個國家超過 1300 間金融服務公司。


Executive Communications

President’s Page: Stronger Together

十月 25, 2021

LL Global’s CEO, Dave Levenson, looks to a more revolutionary future in the industry, in terms of insurance, retirement, and workplace benefits. “We all need to take a breath and spend time thinking about customer expectations, distribution to reach different segments of customers, and products that will provide the right financial security given the backdrop of the current environment.”

President’s Page: Life Insurance Turns a Corner

七月 20, 2021

LL Global’s CEO, Dave Levenson, offers an update on the Help Protect Our Families initiative as well as life insurance ownership. “31 percent of adult consumers are more likely to buy life insurance due to the pandemic, and we have seen that demand reflected in sales results.”

President’s Page: Help Protect Our Families

四月 12, 2021

LL Global partnered with six peer associations — ACLI, Finseca, Life Happens, MDRT, NAIFA, and NAILBA — as well as member companies, to launch the Help Protect Our Families initiative. Here, David Levenson, President and CEO of LL Global, shares reasons why. “As an industry, our mission is to help consumers achieve the financial peace of mind that comes with knowing that their loved ones are protected....”

President's Page: A Look Forward

一月 20, 2021

David Levenson, President and CEO of LL Global, shares a sneak peek at initiatives aimed at helping the industry to move forward in 2021: employee success, addressing the life insurance gap, and focusing on financial wellness. “LL Global will work tirelessly to provide you with the knowledge, insights, connections, and solutions to help you navigate these choppy waters.”

President’s Page: An Industry Embracing Change

十月 15, 2020

David Levenson, President and CEO of LL Global, shares insights on the economic, social, political, and financial change affecting the financial services industry. “It’s hard to grasp how quickly this pandemic has changed our lives from so many perspectives.”

President’s Page: Will There Be a New Normal?

七月 17, 2020

David Levenson, President and CEO of LL Global, speaks to how the association and our industry can take a leadership role in driving positive change in a time of brokenness. “We can only hope that individuals and companies unify to take responsibility and accountability for addressing racial inequality.”

PRESIDENT'S PAGE: An Industry Comes Together

四月 23, 2020

David Levenson, President and CEO of LL Global, speaks to how the association can best serve our members during this time of crisis and change. “Our primary focus right now is helping the industry come together to combat challenges such as the low-interest-rate environment…”

PRESIDENT’S PAGE: An Inside Look: Our Journey to Compass 2025

一月 23, 2020

Every aspect of our industry is changing at an unprecedented pace.

PRESIDENT'S PAGE: Fraud: A Shared Problem Needs a Shared Solution

十月 22, 2019

Over the past few years, we have seen a dramatic increase in fraudulent activity targeting the life insurance and retirement sectors.

PRESIDENT'S PAGE: Attracting and Developing Talent for Today and Tomorrow

七月 22, 2019

For more than 100 years, LIMRA and LOMA have provided members with industry knowledge and market insights.

PRESIDENT'S PAGE: A Time for Transformation and Growth

四月 24, 2019

As the new leader of LL Global, I’ve spent a lot of time in my first few months on a listening tour.

A Conversation With David Levenson

二月 19, 2019

We recently spoke with LIMRA’s new president and CEO, David Levenson, on his background, motivation, and vision as we move forward into 2019 under his new leadership.