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运用 LIMRA 的调研成果来制定并执行有效的商业策略,随时应对当今不断变化的市场。您可以运用我们对以下领域中肯的定量与定性调研,找到成长的机遇,把握关键的趋势:

  • 消费者
  • 科技
  • 合规
  • 分销
  • 寿险、退休和其它金融产品



View the latest consumer and sales information for individual and worksite life insurance.


Help consumers advance retirement readiness with unbiased and actionable information and insights.


Gain insights into annuity sales, buyers, channels, persistency, and more.

Workplace Benefits

Examine the life, health, and related employee benefits marketplace from the carrier, employer, employee, and distributor perspectives.


Explore how financial products are sold via agents and advisors, websites, direct marketing, and more.

Experience Studies

Benchmark your key product risks and your company’s product experience against the industry as a whole or against specific sub-segments of the industry.

Center of Excellence for Analytics

Identify risks and opportunities by tapping into LIMRA’s predictive analytic expertise and community.

The InfoCenter

Get the answers you need from our InfoCenter team and their international network of information sources.