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Capstone at Wharton full

Toward the completion of the LLIF designation, participants are eligible to participate in the invitation only Capstone Program. Designed by LIMRA and the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, this is a prestigious honor to complete the LLIF designation under the guidance and expertise of world class faculty at this prominent business school. The Capstone Program weaves the coursework together and frames the teachings in a real-world context through experiential and practical application.

This prestigious program helps you:

  • Explore the current business environment of constant change and its implications for senior leaders.
  • Discuss business problem solving from an ethical point of view, applying classical theory to today’s corporate challenges.
  • Understand the importance of strategic decision making and critical-thinking skills at senior levels and develop a useful framework for making key organizational decisions.

This program is by invitation only and for senior leaders who have completed the requisite LLIF credits. To attend this LIMRA-Wharton custom program, leaders must have earned a total of 14 credits.