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Leadership Strategies

2019年6月3日 - 2019年6月6日
Babson Executive Conference Center, Wellesley, MA USA



This program is designed for:

  • Leaders in all roles who want to identify and enhance their leadership abilities
  • Leaders who would benefit from leveraging a powerful understanding of their own style and “blind spots”
  • Individuals who are new to higher levels of leadership, who are in a new environment, or who are leading a new team


Develop a personalized action plan to enhance your ability to influence and lead. Leadership Strategies includes an executive strategy simulation, peer feedback, faculty coaching, and assessment tools to provide an in-depth understanding of your own leadership style and its impact on others. You will gain valuable insights into your interpersonal strengths and development opportunities — and discover the role emotional intelligence plays in potential success or derailment.

  • Explore personal influence, potential for derailment, options for conflict management, and decision making.
  • Identify ways to develop trust, influence, and skills for giving and receiving feedback.
  • Discover the impact of emotional intelligence.
  • Create a personal development plan based on assessment results, feedback, and coaching.


Joan Ashman

Joan Ashman

Joan Ashman, CPCU, is an executive coach and a consultant in leadership and human capital strategies. She was formerly Director of Human Capital Development and Director of the Leadership Center for The Hartford. Ashman has held various field and corporate insurance positions, and has over twenty years experience in executive education, and staff and leadership development. She holds a Masters of Science in Management.

, 博士

, 博士


Kehrer 是金融机构的首席顾问,着力提升证券经纪人、保险和财富管理业务。他所做的业务进占、盈利能力,职酬和法规的研究帮助了许多银行和信用合作社制定销售业绩基准,并理解盈利能力的主要驱动因素。

客户包括超过半数的 100 家最大的银行,以及许多社区银行和信用合作社。Kehrer 还担任保险公司、投资公司、证券公司、科技供应商和营销机构有关银行和信用合作社分销的发展战略的顾问。此外,已获得耶鲁大学经济学博士学位的 Kehrer 还主持各种主题的研究小组,主题包括科技、平台投资销售、年金产品管理、经纪人最佳作业以及人寿保险销售。2004 年,他因其对行业的贡献而获得了银行保险和证券协会授予的享负盛名的终生成就奖。

2006 年,他于 20 年前创建的公司 Kenneth Kehrer Associates 被 LIMRA 收购。作为 LIMRA 的附属机构,Kehrer-LIMRA 现在继续进行公司的调研,就银行成为金融服务店,提出银行和产品供应商的专利调查。


Tuition Rates:
LIMRA or LOMA Member: $4,500.00 (special 2019 rate)
Nonmember: $9,000.00

酒店 / 地点

Babson Executive Conference Center
One Snyder Drive
Babson Park (Wellesley), MA 02457 USA

Please Note: The Babson Executive Conference Center is the venue for both the program sessions and hotel accommodations. Upon completing the registration process, you will receive a confirmation email including further details — and a hotel room will be reserved in your name. You will be responsible for paying the hotel rate upon check-out.

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