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Our Culture and Values

A commitment to employees

The Employee Value Proposition (EVP) was created by employees for employees

Four Reasons to Join

Employees have plenty of autonomy on the job. They have the opportunity to grow and develop their skills as professionals while acquiring new knowledge.

Employees are able to work flexible hours and may have the option of working certain days from home. Work-life balance is encouraged and supported.

Family Atmosphere
Employees tend to think of each other as family. From top to bottom, the culture is very open and employees genuinely care for one another.

Small Company
Employees have the opportunity to make an impact. The work that employees do will be meaningful and recognized throughout the company.

Living the I CARE Values

I Care LogoSimply stated, our core values are summed up by saying I CARE:

Our team is committed to high standards of integrity and ethical behavior. Trust is the cornerstone of our relationship with members.

Customer Focus
As a member organization, our goal is to serve members throughout the world. We listen and act with a sense of urgency. 

As our industry changes, we too must accept change, embrace new ideas, be flexible, take risks, and innovate.

We respect our diversity—ideas, points of view, and talents.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our work; we are dedicated to what we do and who we serve.

These core values are more than words on the website or in the building, but reflect who we are and the values we live by — management and employees.

People Together - Culture and Values


It takes dedicated, hard-working people like you to provide the world’s largest association of life insurance and financial services companies’ quality education and training products. That’s why we offer rich, competitive benefits.

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Nine Out of Ten Employees Say LL Global is a Great Place to Work

In our most recent employee survey more than 90% of employees told us:

  • They like the flexibility  at LL Global:

    • their supervisor giving them the flexibility to balance their work and personal responsibilities
    • paid time off
    • flexible work hours
    • the ability to telecommute in certain positions
  • They have the autonomy to do their jobs well and meet their customers' needs.
  • Our leaders - (direct supervisors - senior leaders) are honest and ethical.
  • The work they are doing is really gratifying.

More than 8 out of 10 told us our Leaders:

  • Are supportive supervisors - Our supervisors got high marks across the board.
  • Our senior leaders, including the CEO, are approachable.
  • At all levels care about the personal wellbeing  of our employees
  • Keep them informed

    Burama Club - 242

    LIMRA’s employee club, Burama Club, sponsors a number of social and philanthropic events that bring the community of employees together. Here are a few of the fun activities...

    Munchie Mobile
    Java Jumpstart
    Summer Outing
    United Way Activities
    Daffodil Days
    Jeans Day
    Holiday Open House

     LIMRA - Front Office Building - 262