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LIMRA and LOMA: Empowering Our Members

For more than a century, we’ve served as the largest trade association supporting the insurance and related financial services industry. Today, we’re working with over 700 member companies around the world to help them understand industry trends, inform their strategies, develop their talent, and create solutions that advance the industry.


Learn About LIMRA

LIMRA Membership

Is your company a LIMRA member? If not, explore what it means to become a member and gain access to trusted and valuable resources.


Learn about LIMRA, our history, what we offer and where we are located. Browse open career opportunities and enjoy videos on our research, products and services.


Get to know LIMRA and LOMA's executives and Board of Directors. See additional information from our president and a listing of all the companies that are LIMRA and LOMA members.

About LIMRA and LOMA

LIMRA and LOMA represents more than 700 members, including most of the world’s largest life insurance companies, in 71 countries worldwide. Together, they provide members with substantive, timely, and relevant research and education.

LOMA is committed to business partnerships with over 700 worldwide members in the insurance and financial services industry. Their goal is to improve company management and operations through quality employee development, research, information sharing, and related products and services.

Empowering Our Members

Advancing the financial services industry by empowering our members with knowledge, insights, connections, and solutions.

CLICK HERE to view the "Empowering Our Members" brochure from LIMRA and LOMA.


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