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LIMRA Research

Access LIMRA’s research findings to develop and execute effective business strategies for engaging today’s ever-changing markets. You can identify growth opportunities and monitor key trends with our unbiased quantitative and qualitative research on:

  • Consumers
  • Technology
  • Regulations
  • Distribution
  • Life insurance, retirement, and other financial products

Featured Research

Latest LIMRA Research

U.S. Workplace Dental and Vision Sales and In Force

Schedule your check-up on the latest market results for dental and vision products sold in the workplace.

Casting Light on the Age of an Independent Insurance Agent

It’s a frequently asked question – what is the average age of an independent insurance agent? There’s no one answer – it’s actually multifaceted. This research will cast light on this complex conundrum.

Enfoque en la Jubilación: Latinoamérica

En América Latina, la población envejece rápidamente, los cambios demográficos y las estructuras familiares cambiantes están causando un enorme desafío para lla jubilación. Aprenda cómo pueden ayudar las aseguradoras.

Research Areas

Life Insurance

View the latest consumer and sales information for individual and worksite life insurance.


Help consumers advance retirement readiness with unbiased and actionable information and insights.


Gain insights into annuity sales, buyers, channels, persistency, and more.


Better understand consumers — and what they think and do throughout the customer journey.

Workplace Benefits

Examine the insurance and non-traditional benefits market from the carrier, employer, employee, and advisor perspectives.

Individual Insurance Products

View ownership and sales trends for individual insurance products, including life insurance, DI, critical illness, and LTC.


Explore how financial products are sold via agents and advisors, websites, direct marketing, and more.

Center of Excellence for Analytics

Identify risks and opportunities by tapping into LIMRA’s predictive analytic expertise and community.


Learn about the technologies of today and the future used by consumers, financial professionals, and companies.


Learn about successful strategies, practices, products, and executives around the world.


Get the answers you need from our InfoCenter team and their international network of information sources.


Enjoy in-depth reporting on issues that matter to you in LIMRA's award-winning MarketFacts magazine, Secure Retirement Institute Review, and e-bulletins.

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