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After 100 years of pioneering research and education for the financial services industry, LIMRA’s focus is on moving forward by incorporating past achievements into future innovations.

From the beginning, LIMRA was charged with helping its members tackle business challenges of the day, as well as those on the horizon.  By taking this approach, LIMRA’s research and development programs continue to evolve as different times often require new approaches. 



We strive to deliver the best, and look for people who thrive on the strong sense of purpose that comes with serving our members around the world. Come join our team!

Global Team

LIMRA has a team of dedicated professionals that serve our members globally. Find contact information for each of our locations across North America, EMEA, Latin America, and Asia Pacific.


LIMRA Through the Years

For over 100 years, LIMRA has been the industry's trusted source for unbiased research and data. This short video outlines our history, comparing how we supported the industry back then and what we're doing to support the industry now and into the future. 

What We Do

The History of Our Networks and Connections

The first School of Agency Management opens in Hartford, Connecticut — connecting 13 attendees in a new training experience.

LIMRA holds its first Latin American Conference in Chicago, Illinois, following the U.S. Annual Meeting.

LIMRA's U.S. Annual Meeting, held in New York City, features President Bill Clinton as the keynote speaker.

The U.S. Research Agencies Group — which continues to meet regularly today — is formed to give top industry field leaders a forum for sharing best practices.

LIMRA hosts its first European Annual Meeting.

LIMRA and LOMA launch the Summit Circle, honoring international companies with at least 25 years of continuous membership in either organization.

The first Agency Management Conference meets in Chicago, Illinois.

The LIMRA Leadership Institute, providing industry-focused executive development programs and conferring the LLIF designation, is founded.

Since 1946, LIMRA has created and run 87 different committees where member-company representatives examine issues of importance across the industry and keep LIMRA strong.

LIAMA holds its first health insurance meeting.

LIMRA establishes a partnership with The Wharton School to deliver a prestigious, one-of-a-kind capstone program for the LLIF designation.

The History of Our Evolution

Seventy life insurance companies found the Association of Life Agency Officers (ALAO) in Chicago, Illinois.

ALAO and LISRB merge to become the Life Insurance Agency Management Association (LIAMA). They receive a letter of congratulations on the merger from U.S. President Harry Truman.

LIMRA opens a regional office in Canada.

The ALAO establishes the Life Insurance Sales Research Bureau (LISRB) at Carnegie Tech in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

LIAMA holds its first international school, the School of Agency Management, in Hakon, Japan at the request of member companies.

LIMRA opens an office in Shanghai, China to have a presence in the Asia Pacific.

After a brief time in New York City, LISRB moves to Hartford, Connecticut.

LIAMA changes its name to the Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association (LIMRA), signifying its commitment to studying all distribution systems of life insurance.

LIMRA and Life Office Management Association (LOMA) merge under the umbrella LL Global, Inc.

The first international company, La Nacional from the Republic of Mexico, is admitted into membership.

LIMRA changes its name and logo to LIMRA International (until changing it back in 2010), reflecting a broader focus on the global marketplace. Later, in 1988, LIMRA International also opens a European office in Watford, England.

LIMRA celebrates 100 years. At that time, LIMRA has 850 member companies worldwide, almost 670 financial services executives have served on the Board of Directors, and more than 42,000 people have attended a LIMRA Annual Conference.

This History of Our Research

LISRB releases The Monthly Sales Survey, the first survey of ordinary life sales in the United States and Canada.

LISRB publishes the first buyer study.

LIMRA (partnering with McKinsey & Company) conducts the first study in the Forces of Change series — exploring key issues facing distribution leaders.

The study of group benefits begins with a salary deduction insurance project.

LIAMA and LUTC release Life Insurance in Focus, an unprecendented national survey of life insurance ownership and attitudes.

The Compass program launches, revolutionizing annuity and life product benchmarking.

LISRB does pioneering research in costs, contracts, and compensation — and publishes Measuring Agency Profit the following year.

The first Opportunity to Buy market survey is published.

LIMRA and Maddock Douglas examine consumer understanding of industry language.

Rensis Likert, social statistician and inventor of the Likert Scale, is hired as the first Director of Research.

LIAMA and LUTC publish The Widows Study, a massive survey on the economic impact of a breadwinner's premature death.

This year, LIMRA completes over 100 unique research projects — including the eighth edition of the Ownership Study, an industry standard. LIMRA and Life Happens publish the seventh annual edition of the popular Insurance Barometer Study.

The History of Our Programs and Tools

LISRB hired its first psychologist to begin selection research.

LIAMA scores its millionth Aptitude Index test.

The USA PATRIOT Act creates an obligation for insurance companies to develop Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) programs. LIMRA responds by developing an industry standard product for advisors and home office employees.

The Aptitude Index is distributed to member companies and becomes the first major selection tool for life insurance agents. It is followed by the Aptitude Index Battery (AIB) in 1968.

LIMRA develops the Agency Management Training Course in association with GAMA, LUTC, CLHIA, and NALU.

LIMRA and Hoopis Performance Network launch Trustworthy Selling, a new sales effectiveness program for financial professionals.

LIAMA publishes the Selection Interview Blueprint, the first in what will be a long line of scientifically built interview tools.

The Career Profile System — today the most widely used and extensively validated selection tool in the insurance industry — is introduced and replaces the AIB.

To date, LIMRA has made significant impact, with over 44 million assessment tests completed, 24 million CAP surveys given for more than 150 companies, certifying 1.6 million AML courses, training more than 5,700 financial professionals in Trustworthy Selling, and releasing DOL Fiduciary Rule Courses.

LIAMA publishes Sales Methods of Good and Poor Agents, which leads to the Sales Method Index, a tool that helps agents analyze their sales performance.

LIMRA introduces the Customer Assurance Program (CAP) to help companies monitor field market conduct.

The History of Our Approach to Retirement

LIMRA publishes its first annuity research.

LIMRA establishes the Retirement Resource Center to provide retirement research, tools, and consulting services.

The LIMRA LOMA Secure Retirement Institute is launched, spurring innovation and broadening industry collaboration to create shared industry solutions.

The Equity Marketing Committee, in recognition of the emerging financial services industry, is formed. The first report on a "nontraditional" product — Mutual Funds: Soundings From the Marketplace — is published.

LIMRA, LOMA, and the Society of Actuaries host the first Retirement Industry Conference — combining the prior Annuity Conference, Pension Conference, and Retirement Symposium — in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

The LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute Review is published.

With the advent of 401(k) plans, LIMRA forms the Retirement Plans Committee.

LIMRA publishes the first edition of The Retirement Income Reference Book, providing a complete map of the retirement income marketplace, including retirement risks and issues faced by consumers and advisors.

In response to an unprecedented proposed fiduciary rule from the U.S. Department of Labor, the Secure Retirement Institute® (SRI®) creates a dedicated suite of knowledge, events, and solutions for companies.

As part of the LIMRA, LOMA, Society of Actuaries meeting series, the first Annuity Conference is held in Orlando, Florida.

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