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Executive Profiles

  • Robert A. Kerzner, CLU, ChFC

    President and CEO
    LIMRA, LOMA and LL Global, Inc.

    As president and CEO of LIMRA, LOMA and their parent organization, LL Global, Inc., Bob Kerzner leads the world’s largest association of life insurance and financial services companies. In 2010, he led the merger of LIMRA and LOMA, which together represent more than 1,200 members across 64 countries, including most of the world’s largest life insurance companies. 

    Before joining LIMRA in 2004, Kerzner was executive vice president and head of the individual life division of Hartford Life, Inc. Under his leadership, the division experienced dramatic growth and record financial performance.

    Kerzner is a leading voice in the life insurance, retirement and financial services industry, recently speaking at events held by the Department of Treasury’s Federal Insurance Office (FIO), the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), and Life Insurance Commission of New York (LICONY).  He is regularly sought out by leading national publications, like the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and USA Today, as well as a host of trade and other business media outlets, to provide insight into industry issues and trends.

    Kerzner is a graduate of Central Connecticut State University.

  • James W. Kerley, LLIF

    Chief Membership Officer
    LIMRA and LOMA

    Jim Kerley is chief membership officer for LIMRA and LOMA, responsible for member relationship management for the 450 U.S. and Canadian members. He is also a member of the LL Global executive team that leads LIMRA and LOMA. Kerley brings more than 40 years of professional experience serving the financial services industry as manager, leader, consultant and advisor. He spent nearly 25 years with New England Financial, now part of MetLife, in senior marketing, professional development and sales management roles. He implemented New England’s first life insurance marketing relationships within the banking sector.

    Over the years, Kerley has consulted with and trained thousands of sales managers and professional insurance advisors in areas of sales training, business development, client needs analysis, market segmentation, sales communications, lead generation and local market awareness building. 

  • Alison Salka

    Senior Vice President and Director of Research
    LIMRA, LOMA and LL Global

    Alison Salka joined LIMRA in 2012 and is responsible for determining and implementing the strategy and direction of its global research program. She oversees a team of more than 80 researchers and other staff professionals in LIMRA’s research division who conduct consumer research, benchmark studies and white papers focused on helping member companies better understand industry issues and trends. She is also a director of the LIMRA LOMA Secure Retirement Institute.

    Salka previously led the retirement research and competitive intelligence team at Prudential, and was also a director of retirement research and business analytics at MassMutual. She has earned a Master’s degree and holds a doctorate.

  • Lucian J. Lombardi, ASA

    Vice President and Director, Research Analytics and Innovation
    Lombardi directs LIMRA’s strategic and custom research initiatives, identifying emerging industry issues and providing insight into how they impact member companies and the industry as a whole. Prior to this, he led LIMRA’s Distribution Research program for more than a decade. Lombardi joined LIMRA in 1977 as a research associate and in 2002 was appointed vice president and director. Lombardi has written and spoken frequently on marketing issues, sales compensation design, and product development.

    Lombardi is a member of the American Marketing Association and Society of Actuaries. He received his master’s degree with distinction in mathematics from Trinity College (Hartford, CT).
  • Larry Hartshorn

    Corporate Vice President and Director, International Research
    LIMRA and LOMA

    Larry Hartshorn is responsible for driving LIMRA and LOMA member value and growth for global markets. This includes the development and execution of LIMRA’s international research strategy to provide insights on trends in products and distribution, consumer behavior and sentiment, and regulation and technology for markets throughout the world. He also leads the global consulting program across the enterprise, ensuring our members can leverage our deep knowledge of best practices in the global insurance industry, gain practical solutions, and receive hands-on tactical support to solve problems and implement a variety of projects.

    Prior to joining LIMRA in 2015, Larry was Aetna’s executive director for Greater China in Shanghai. His responsibilities included strategic planning, research, management operation and consulting. Larry also previously served as research program manager for The Ohio State University, managing a multi-million dollar cluster of private, state, and federal grants targeting primary, secondary and higher education curriculum reform.

  • Todd A. Silverhart, LLIF

    Corporate Vice President and Director, Insurance Research

    Todd Silverhart is responsible for directing LIMRA’s insurance research program, which takes a holistic view of product, market, and consumer issues related to individual and group life, health, disability, and long-term care insurance. He oversees ongoing benchmarking surveys on sales, persistency, and product design, as well as product-focused marketing and company practices studies. In addition, Silverhart manages research addressing a variety of issues inherent in marketing insurance products to consumers (with a particular focus on the middle market, the affluent market, business markets, and emerging consumer markets).

    Having joined LIMRA in 1988, Silverhart previously served in LIMRA’s assessment solutions unit, where he conducted producer and field manager selection research, consultation, and product development. From 2000 to 2012 he developed and managed LIMRA’s technology in marketing and distribution research program.

    Silverhart is a graduate of Middlebury College and holds a doctorate in industrial and organizational psychology from Old Dominion University.

  • Elaine F. Tumicki, CLU, ChFC, LLIF

    Corporate Vice President, Insurance Research – Product

    Tumicki directs the LIMRA team responsible for research on insurance products – individual and group life, health, disability, critical illness and long-term care. The insurance product research team conducts ongoing surveys on sales, persistency, and product design, as well as marketing studies and company practices studies that respond to the needs of LIMRA’s constituencies.

    Tumicki also serves as a resource on industry performance measures to LIMRA staff, member companies, and the media. She is staff representative to LIMRA’s Individual Life Insurance Study Group, Product Development Study Group, and Supplemental Health, DI & LTC Committee, and is a liaison to various other committees and study groups.

    Tumicki is a graduate of the University of Connecticut.

  • Ian J. Watts

    Senior Vice President and Managing Director, International Operations
    LIMRA and LOMA

    Ian Watts leads the operations that help members companies in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East achieve their business objectives. Prior to joining LIMRA and LOMA in 2013, Watts was Global COO at ACE Life International, where he was responsible for day-to-day operations and new business development. He has held CEO positions in India and China for AIG and AIA, and had extensive global experience in the UK, EMEA and Latin America.