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For 30 years, LIMRA MarketFacts has been the premier publication for financial services executives worldwide. Our mission is to bring the latest, most pertinent industry information to our readership — whether it is derived from industry research, company best practices, or insightful thought leadership. LIMRA MarketFacts offers unmatched content by inviting authorship from representatives of companies in LIMRA’s vast member roster, as well as from LIMRA’s internal subject matter experts and global thought leaders impacting the financial services arena.

Why is LIMRA MarketFacts different from other industry trade publications? Because we concentrate on developing in-depth, insightful articles devoted to the critical issues of the day impacting financial services industry decision-makers. By blending exclusive perspectives from LIMRA’s renowned research team and marketing experts with the industry’s top thought leadership, LIMRA MarketFacts provides the latest information on how companies can maximize their marketing and distribution effectiveness in an ever-evolving environment.

In these turbulent times, it is imperative that you have access to the best thinking on the forces driving change in the financial services industry. LIMRA MarketFacts is the vehicle that industry executives turn to most for LIMRA’s longstanding brand in research excellence.

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Winter 2010

LIMRA MarketFacts

Winter, 2010

Table of Contents
by Hank George, Hank George, Inc.

New innovations in underwriting are making it possible to move more new business through the risk appraisal process, assuring higher placement rates. One driver of this process is the underwriting engine with straight-through processing.

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by Scott R. Kallenbach, FLMI, LIMRA

As companies increasingly consider the interests of society and the impact their activities have on their communities, employees, and shareholders, more organizations are taking a closer look at corporate social responsibility. However, as earnings performance and capital positions weakened as a result of the financial crisis, were resources better used to shore up a company’s financial position?

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by Marie Z. Rice, ACS, LLIF, LIMRA

Many plan participants are debating the best means to achieve a well-funded and safe retirement. One innovative product that may serve as a replacement for declining DB coverage is the in-plan annuity, referred to as an in-plan guarantee.

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by Alan Press, Wealth Advisory Group LLC

The life insurance industry has so far survived the Great Recession because of its longstanding public trust and the integrity and superior leadership of its companies’ CEOs and other senior management. Yet, if insurers were to lose public confidence — and with it, public trust — could the industry survive with its current state regulatory environment?

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by Mary M. Art, LIMRA

Despite the interest that insurance and financial companies have in various technologies, myriad challenges may prevent them from achieving their technology goals. Understanding these challenges can help gauge whether new technology adoption is attainable or whether a challenge is too great to overcome.

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by Brian J. Eves, LIMRA

The worldwide demographic problem of increasing longevity has made many state-sponsored schemes increasingly untenable on grounds of cost. This has been exacerbated by the effects of the worldwide economic crisis. This article — adapted from LIMRA’s new research report Pensions Innovation: International Comparisons — looks at the issues, and whether the innovative approaches of countries such as Australia, Chile, and New Zealand offer solutions to these problems.

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by Deborah A. Small, Disability RMS

Rolling out a product offering can feel like an overwhelming endeavor, particularly as this process typically follows immediately on the heels of an arduous product development phase. That said, momentum is key — and building a comprehensive product launch plan is critical to achieving success

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by John R. Graham, Graham Communications

Paying attention to business is one of the major benefits of a recession. Yet, when sustained over time, too much negative information can be tiring and cause important messages to be tuned out. To help avoid missing our recession education, here are six clarifying lessons from the current state of the economy.

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by Shawn P. Flynn, FLMI, ACS, LIMRA

The economic tsunami that washed over the world economy in late 2008 disrupted the lives of financial advisors and their clients. For many people, it has not gone away. Yet, for financial advisors, this may represent a great opportunity for reaching middle market consumers — especially those who prefer financial products and services. This may represent the opportunity of a lifetime.

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by Elizabeth H. Schwarz, ACS, LLIF, LIMRA

It’s difficult for anyone in today’s society to avoid the social media phenomenon — whether individuals are using social networking sites to keep in touch with family and friends or utilizing collaboration tools created using Web 2.0 technologies in the workplace. This article explores how social media is impacting the financial services industry.

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by John Martin, , Ph. D., Chadwick Martin Bailey, Inc.; Walter Zultowski, Ph. D., Phoenix Life Insurance Company

Traditionally, the words "innovation" and "life insurance" have rarely been used together in the same sentence. Still, a case can be made that we are on the verge of an innovation imperative in the life insurance business. This article explores the fundamentals of innovation — what it is, the barriers to it, and, most importantly, specific tactical steps to create an ongoing, successful innovation management function in your company.

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by Scott Kaplan, Western & Southern Life

In this article, Scott Kaplan, divisional vice president at Western & Southern Life, a Western & Southern Financial Group member, shares his insights on managing sales representatives at the field level and the diversity issues that have come with those responsibilities.

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