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For 30 years, LIMRA MarketFacts has been the premier publication for financial services executives worldwide. Our mission is to bring the latest, most pertinent industry information to our readership — whether it is derived from industry research, company best practices, or insightful thought leadership. LIMRA MarketFacts offers unmatched content by inviting authorship from representatives of companies in LIMRA’s vast member roster, as well as from LIMRA’s internal subject matter experts and global thought leaders impacting the financial services arena.

Why is LIMRA MarketFacts different from other industry trade publications? Because we concentrate on developing in-depth, insightful articles devoted to the critical issues of the day impacting financial services industry decision-makers. By blending exclusive perspectives from LIMRA’s renowned research team and marketing experts with the industry’s top thought leadership, LIMRA MarketFacts provides the latest information on how companies can maximize their marketing and distribution effectiveness in an ever-evolving environment.

In these turbulent times, it is imperative that you have access to the best thinking on the forces driving change in the financial services industry. LIMRA MarketFacts is the vehicle that industry executives turn to most for LIMRA’s longstanding brand in research excellence.

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MarketFacts - 2018 Number 4

LIMRA MarketFacts

Number 4

by Kimberly A. Landry, LIMRA

Employees who are more knowledgeable about their benefits are more likely to consider these products important. Unfortunately, most employees have a very limited understanding of their benefits. Based on a recent LIMRA survey, this article outlines the top 10 things employees don’t know about their benefits, and how the industry could respond.

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by Mary-Beth Selby, M.A., LIMRA

We recently spoke with Marv Feldman, who leads the nonprofit organization Life Happens, whose mission is to educate Americans about the importance of taking personal financial responsibility through the ownership of life insurance and related products. In this Q&A he gives us some insight on how the industry can stay relevant with the fast-changing marketplace and demographic forces.

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by Edward G. Deutschlander, CLU, CLF, North Star Resource Group

This research-based article looks at firms beginning to embrace an unorthodox on-boarding strategy, resulting in impressive results that benefit the senior advisors, new advisors, and clients. This on-boarding strategy includes common and transferable practices and methodologies that taken together equal “Adoption.”

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by Donna Prlich, Hearsay Systems

With increased pressure to become more accountable and prove marketing’s value and contribution to the sales process, collaboration between sales and marketing is more crucial than ever. Insurance firms need to bring their sales and marketing teams together to focus on the right objectives, create the right processes to obtain those goals, and optimize for long-term success. This article outlines five ways to align marketing and sales to move your business forward.

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by Deb Dupont, LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute

Managing a DC business requires a dedicated business model and service offering from advisors. Clients — plan sponsors and employers — have varied goals and objectives for their DC plans, and advisor offerings must meet those needs. Understanding the varied goals, objectives, and offerings of advisor practices allows vendors to customize their offerings in turn and better serve their clients.

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by Jafor Iqbal, LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute

How can advisors boost their clients’ retirement confidence? The key is in the planning. This article looks at results of a study that included retirees who represent the top 35th percentile in terms of household retirement income — 2,025 retirees with incomes of at least $35,000.

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by Gina Birchall, LLIF, CLU, LIMRA, LOMA and LL Global, Inc.

The insurance industry has been around for hundreds of years. Yet the reason it exists remains valid. This article looks at how the industry can ensure its relevance to consumers in a constantly changing world by focusing on two simple fundamentals: what we offer, and how we offer it.

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by Linda Chow, FSA, MAAA, Ernst & Young, LLP; Elaine F. Tumicki, CLU, ChFC, LLIF, LIMRA

Are we facing a long-term care crisis? A private market alternative to stand-alone LTC insurance is gaining traction: a life combination product that covers some LTC-related costs by adding riders to a base life insurance product. This article offers insights into the five key challenges that insurers face in the combination products market.

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by Laurene Polignone, John Hancock

It is ironic that some of the key elements to maintaining a culture of positive outward-focused consumer relationships depend on the inner culture and internal functions of a company. This article outlines how John Hancock’s Cx path depends on leadership, culture, technology, and the ability to capture “voice of the customer” data with closed-loop feedback.

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by LIMRA MarketFacts

LIMRA proudly recognizes the 2018 Rising Stars — the best and brightest industry professionals under 40 who support Distribution, Marketing and Communications, Retirement, and Innovation within our member firms.

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by Craig Errington, D.Univ, CDir, FloD, Wesleyan Assurance Society

One of the ways for companies to maintain connections with consumers is through corporate citizenship/responsibility (CR). Today’s customers not only demand greater transparency, but also more socially responsible organizations. This article outlines Wesleyan Assurance’s views of and experiences with CR, and how companies stand to benefit from creating a culture of CR.

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by Saurav Biswas, LIMRA

As a follow-up to our recent article, “In the Eye of the Storm” (MarketFacts 2-2018), this article looks at the Asia Retirement Market from a regional perspective.

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by Kim Harrison, CPA (inactive), RICP®, CGMA, FLMI, Allianz Life

Finding a synergy and using another carrier’s expertise to expand into new markets with an existing product — or to existing markets with a new product — can be an efficient way to fill a need. This article outlines the ongoing success of one such partnership — between Allianz and LGA.

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by James T. Scanlon, M.S., HIA, LIMRA

Social media plays an increasingly important role in an advisor’s marketing efforts. When attempting to build relationships with new clients in younger generations, a well-managed social media presence is as important as a website or an email address. This article discusses generational differences, social media strategies, and online purchasing activities.

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by Laura A. Murach, ACS, ALMI, LLIF, LIMRA

Remaining relevant is particularly challenging for organizations operating in independent distribution. The various relationships within independent distribution present different and unique challenges compared with affiliated distribution. A better understanding of how IFPs grow their practice can provide valuable insight and help organizations more appropriately focus resources to best leverage this sales outlet.

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by Norah Denley, LIMRA

Executives are often unsure which technologies are worth their resources in terms of time and money. This article presents insights from LIMRA’s global tech study, addressing the expected impact of technology, and which technologies are poised to drive business improvements over the next 3 years.

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