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Almost Half of Millennials Say Educational Benefits are a Top Priority

When it comes to employee benefits, where you are in life impacts what you feel is most important. LIMRA research finds Millennials place a greater level of importance on education and parental leave than Generation X (Gen X) and Baby Boomers.

More Than Half of Americans Want to Save More Money - Almost 6 in 10 Say Retirement is the Reason

A new LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute survey found the top financial priority for 54 percent American household is to save more money.  Other financial priorities include paying down debt, creating a long term financial plan and building better spending habits.

Enough about Millennials - Are you thinking about Gen Z?

A new LIMRA study explored the financial concerns and priorities of the upper edge of Generation Z (those aged 16 and 17, in grades 11 and 12).

Making Saving for Retirement a Priority

In a recent LIMRA study, Sowing the Seeds for Retirement: Gen X and Gen Y Markets, fewer than half of Gen X consumers selected retirement as their top reason to save (46 percent), and a larger proportion of Gen Y consumers ranked saving for vacation or travel as more important than saving for retirement (chart).

LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute Finds Almost 2 in 10 Millennials Have Reported a Recent Experience with Financial Fraud

According to LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute (LIMRA SRI), a quarter of Americans have been a victim of fraud.

Disability Insurance Awareness Month – Only 20% of Consumers Own Disability Insurance Despite Almost Half Saying They Need It

According to LIMRA research, paying for basic living expenses if one becomes disabled is one of the top five financial concerns consumers have, but 8 in 10 consumers don’t own disability insurance.

Despite Economic Crisis, Almost Half of Producers Report Increased Business

WINDSOR, Conn., Dec. 1, 2008 – Nearly half of producers surveyed in November reported an uptick in business and referrals despite the economic crisis, according to new research by LIMRA.

More than Half of American Adults Say Loss of Primary Wage Earner Would Have Financial Impact within a Year

The emotional loss of someone close is always hard; if they are a primary wage earner the financial loss can be devastating.