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LIMRA Survey: More than Half of Financial Executives Surveyed Predict Outside Disruption in Life Insurance Market

Fifty seven percent of financial executives believe an outside source (Google, Amazon, etc.) will be a disruptive force in the life insurance market within the next 5 years according to a new LIMRA report.

Two-Thirds of Insurance Executives Predict Life Insurance Sales to Remain Flat, LIMRA Survey

WINDSOR, Conn., Jan. 19, 2011 — Fifty-nine percent of insurance executives believe overall individual life insurance sales will remain flat and 68 percent feel group life sales will stall in 2011, according to a survey of 70 industry leaders conducted by LIMRA in early December 2010.

More Than Half of Consumers Trust Financial Services Companies to Protect Them From Fraud

Oct 8, 2019

Fifty-six percent of consumers trust that financial services companies will protect their accounts from fraud. Learn the information they want to receive form your company.

Less than Half of Middle-Market Consumers Own Individual Life Insurance Creating a Gap in Protection

WINDSOR, CT, Sept. 2, 2014 — A LIMRA study on middle-market consumers found that only 46 percent own individual life insurance,revealing a critical gap in protection.

More Than Half of Americans Want to Save More Money - Almost 6 in 10 Say Retirement is the Reason

A new LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute survey found the top financial priority for 54 percent American household is to save more money.  Other financial priorities include paying down debt, creating a long term financial plan and building better spending habits.

More than Half of American Adults Say Loss of Primary Wage Earner Would Have Financial Impact within a Year

The emotional loss of someone close is always hard; if they are a primary wage earner the financial loss can be devastating.

LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute Study: Nearly Half of Surveyed Annuity Owners Said Ownership Boosts Retirement Confidence

A recent study by LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute has revealed another reason to consider annuities in retirement planning — they provide a boost of confidence.