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Six in 10 Workers Say Health Insurance Costs Directly Affect How Much They Save for Retirement

New LIMRA research reveals that 59 percent of workers agree or strongly agree that what they pay for medical health insurance benefits directly affects how much they will put aside for retirement.

No Matter the Generation – Less than Half of Americans Know How Much They Should Be Saving for Retirement

LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute examines generational differences in retirement confidence.

How Would Repealing the Estate Tax Affect Life Insurance Sales?

The Trump Administration has stated repealing the estate tax is one of its highest priorities.

Employers Prepare for Higher Benefit Costs from Older Workers

According to LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute, 73 percent of employers have planned for benefits costs to increase as a consequence of having older workers in their companies.

Make Sure Retirement Plan Factors in Health Care Costs

National Retirement Planning Week serves as an effective reminder for people to focus on their finances after their work careers have ended.

LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute: 8 in 10 Workers Believe Defined Contribution Plans Are an Effective Way to Save for Retirement

A LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute survey reveals that 8 in 10 U.S. workers believe that defined contribution (401(k)-type) plans are an effective way to save for retirement.

Pandemic Erodes Workers’ Ability to Save for Retirement

The pandemic and its economic implications have put current financial wellness and future retirement dreams at risk for many Americans. Those who lost their jobs or a portion of their income due to COVID-19 are particularly concerned about their future financial situation. The pandemic has also taken a toll on retirement confidence and reversed a trend of increasing confidence going back to 2013.

Consumers Say They're Primed to Buy More Life Insurance

Windsor, CT, April 6, 2005 — In a broad survey of American households, nearly half said they believe they need more life insurance and more than one-quarter said they actually expect to purchase more in the coming year - a decision that would add trillions of dollars of coverage to the amount already in force.