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Debunking Life Insurance Myths

Debunking Five Myths About Life Insurance Ownership in the United States

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In support of Life Insurance Awareness Month, LIMRA's Alison Salka and Jim Kerley help debunk myths about life insurance ownership in the U.S.

LIMRA Unplugged is a video podcast series designed to explore issues and trends within the financial services industry. Hosted by Alison Salka, LIMRA research director, and Jim Kerley, LIMRA chief membership officer, the series combines LIMRA research with real-world insights to offer an in-depth understanding about market challenges and opportunities.


     Alison Salka - 2015 - small 
    Alison Salka
    LIMRA Research Director

    James Kerley 
    Jim Kerley
    LIMRA Chief Membership Officer

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