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What's Happening in the U.S. Annuity Market

What's Happening in the U.S. Annuity Market?

In 2017, total annuity sales were $203.5 billion, falling 8 percent from 2016 levels, according to LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute (LIMRA SRI) research. Companies continued to face economic and regulatory challenges as prolonged low interest rates and anticipation of the Department of Labor (DOL) fiduciary rule damped manufacturers’ appetite for business. Yet the announced delay to implement the DOL rule until July 2019 and rising interest rates propelled a rebound in sales in the fourth quarter.

In this episode of LIMRA Unplugged, LIMRA Research Director Alison Salka talks with Todd Giesing, annuity research director for LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute, about 2017 U.S. annuity sales results, including insight on structured products and other product innovation, the impact of DOL fiduciary rule on the annuity market, and what LIMRA SRI expects in 2018.

LIMRA Unplugged is a video podcast series designed to explore issues and trends within the financial services industry. The series combines LIMRA research with real-world insights to offer an in-depth understanding about market challenges and opportunities.

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