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LIMRA Study Finds Majority of Gen X and Y Consumers Believe They Need More Life Insurance, But Few Will Buy

Industry Executives Will Gather at Preeminent Event to Examine the Disconnect.

Majority of Gen X and Y Americans Are Uninformed About Investments and Financial Products

WINDSOR, Conn., Feb. 14, 2013 — More than half of Gen X and Gen Y consumers admit having little or no knowledge about investments and financial products, according to a recent LIMRA study.

Most Workplace Life Insurance Customers are Gen X or Y

New LIMRA research sheds informative light on workplace buyers.

Can Life Insurance Companies Improve the Buying Experience for Gen X and Gen Y Consumers?

Research shows that having access to information does not necessarily mean more consumers will buy life insurance.

LIMRA Finds Gen X & Y Job Seekers Have Values That Align With a Financial Services Profession — But They Don’t Know That

WINDSOR, Conn., Apr. 5, 2011 — If you ask Generations X and Y job seekers if they are interested in a financial services sales position, many will say no.

LIMRA: Top Five Ways Gen X and Y Consumers Can Improve Their Chances for a Secure Retirement

WINDSOR, Conn., April 18, 2013 —LIMRA research reveals that the majority of Generation X and Y consumers have little understanding of financial products and services and less than half make saving for retirement their top priority.

Half of Generation Y Says Need for Financial Advice has Increased in Last Few Years

Sessions at 2014 LIMRA Annual Conference will Highlight Emergence of Generation Y.

Consumers Say They're Primed to Buy More Life Insurance

Windsor, CT, April 6, 2005 — In a broad survey of American households, nearly half said they believe they need more life insurance and more than one-quarter said they actually expect to purchase more in the coming year - a decision that would add trillions of dollars of coverage to the amount already in force.