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Financial Professionals Who Excel With Technology – Technology Leaders

July 02 2013

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LIMRA talks with Mary Art, research director, and Norah Denley, senior research analyst with LIMRA’s Distribution and Technology Research team, co-authors of the recently released LIMRA report, Technology Leaders: Financial Professionals Who Excel With Technology. This report covers the dramatic change in how financial advisors communicate with their customers. Technology tools have enabled financial professionals to move beyond paper, mail and landline phones in most aspects of their job. Today, there are many more options for advisors to build relationships with their clients by adopting the innovative use of technology tools. This podcast will explore “technology leaders” those financial professionals who excel at leveraging technology in their business.


Interviewed in this podcast
  • Mary M. Art
    Mary M. Art
    Senior Research Director, Distribution and Technology Research
  • Norah Denley
    Norah Denley
    Assistant Research Director, Technology Research

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