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LIMRA and LOMA identify trends and anticipate the impact on customers, distribution, and products. Ensure members of your organization receive relevant and timely insights in their inboxes.

Here's How

As members, you trust us to provide you with an understanding of current trends, help you gain market intelligence to influence your business strategies, connect with industry peers, and identify solutions to the challenges you face.

To ensure that members of your organization receive relevant and timely insights, please request that your IT email administrator whitelist emails from the below email addresses, IP addresses, and domain names. This will allow the information your employees have selected to receive make it through your spam filters and into their inboxes.

Details to whitelist
We suggest trusting these “extra” IP addresses other than the ones listed in our MX Record, as ‘trustworthy’ and known sources of our e-mail and we encourage you to follow annually to confirm the following is still valid:

Newsletters Sending IP Address: and
Member Participant Sender IP Addresses:

All corporate communications from LIMRA and LOMA are sent from Proofpoint. We also advise you refer to our SPF and DKIM records for trustworthy email sources from our domains, and

Emails from the domains:

Specific sending email addresses: