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The Board of Directors

The Secure Retirement Institute® Board of Directors reflects a diverse cross-section of the industry, with representation from asset managers, banks, brokerage firms, insurance carriers and record-keepers, and with input from academicians, public-policy experts and consumer groups. Working together, we are committed to making the current retirement system better in the future.

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to promote industry best-practices that will enable Americans to achieve a financially secure retirement. We believe that these include:

  • broad access to employer-sponsored retirement savings programs
  • increased employee participation in these programs
  • adequate saving levels
  • protection of accumulated savings from “leakage,” and
  • increased financial literacy.

To accomplish this goal, the Board provides a forum for dialogue between diverse financial services organizations for fostering the thought leadership needed to continue evolving and delivering a highly-effective private sector retirement system. In pursuit of these goals, the Board will encourage creativity and innovation focused on the development of new ideas and new approaches to promote retirement readiness. The Board also helps to set the retirement-related strategic priorities for LIMRA and LOMA, and guide allocation of resources.

SRI Board of Directors

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