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Blockchain Demystified

Barcelona, Spain

4/17/2019 4:00 PM - 5:00


Who Should Watch

Anyone interested in learning more about Blockchain.


What is blockchain? Are there many applications in our industry? 

Starting in 2017, LIMRA and LOMA have partnered with the RBA Alliance to facilitate the formation of life, annuity, group benefits and retirement industry sectors of the Institutes RBA Alliance to build industry blockchain applications. There is tremendous opportunity for blockchain in these sectors.  

With the 2018 launch of the first LIMRA-facilitated sector, US Life & Annuity, we have officially begun engaging our member companies in the Institutes RBA Alliance consortia. The first member-led working group commenced in December 2018 and is now actively designing a blockchain application called the Mortality Monitor aimed at bringing efficiencies to death claim processing.  

Other use cases being discussed include intercompany product exchanges, life underwriting, distributor licensing & appointments and commission payment processing. 

We are just getting started. Join us to understand what blockchain is and why everyone is talking about it. 


Kartik Sakthivel
Chief Information Officer, LIMRA and LOMA

Kartik Sakthivel

Chief Information Officer, LIMRA and LOMA

As chief information officer for LIMRA and LOMA, Kartik Sakthivel is responsible for developing the information technology strategic direction for the enterprise. In this capacity, he directs and manages computing and information technology policies, programs and schedules for business and enterprise systems, and manages information services to meet LIMRA and LOMA’s corporate goals and objectives. An industry thought leader, Kartik champions the use of technology to improve the revenue, profitability and efficiency of the organization.

Joining LIMRA and LOMA in 2017, Kartik has broad industry experience, most recently as director of technology at Liberty Mutual Insurance. Kartik holds a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems / Information Technology, as well as a Master of Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University.

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